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Recent content by MonkeezOnFire

  1. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E What are your D&D buying habits?

    I voted for most but not all books, but I was a little torn between that and the next one down. I buy all the books primarily focused on rules and monsters. The settings and adventures are where I only buy the ones that I have direct interest in. I feel like I currently own enough material...
  2. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E Races and classes

    @PsyzhranV2 Duergar were given as a dwarf subrace in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. But otherwise great job in compiling everything!
  3. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E House rule to force spellcasters with daily spell slots to take short rests

    In order to just keep things consistent across the board would you also convert other long rest resources into short rest ones? Paladin lay on hands for example. A lot of the subclasses also have features that are limited to long rest recharge as well like the samurai fighting spirit 3 times per...
  4. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E Shield Saltiness

    From personal experience in a game where I play a paladin the DMs decided that donning or doffing a shield as an item interaction is fine. This was somewhat influenced by my paladin being given a magic item that has the ability to transform into any other type of melee weapon as a bonus action...
  5. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E Some thoughts on the Art in Tasha's Cauldron

    One of the first things I noticed about the art was that the various depictions of Tasha depict her with styles that if she didn't have her tattoo I'd have trouble saying that they were all paintings of the same person. I know that hair style and dress can go a long way in making someone look...
  6. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D General Radio Broadcasts in a D&D Setting?

    I could see someone tinkering with the magic of existing sending stone and making a series of breakthroughs to improve them. First improve the rate of communication by removing the limits on the number of words spent and eventually the number of times messages can be sent over them. Then...
  7. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E Is Tasha's slowing down your combat?

    I haven't had a chance to play with the new rules yet either as we are just about to resume our Descent into Avernus campaign after a break playing something else. But I actively play to encourage my players in that game to take the Tasha's Summon spells over the PHB Conjure spells because of...
  8. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E I Calculated CRs for the Tasha Summon Stat Blocks

    I have noticed what is probably a typo in the Summon Construct stat block. The HP calculation says "40 + 15 for each spell level above 3rd" even though the spell is 4th level. RAW this means that a 4th level summon construct has 55 hp. The spell is listed as 4th level in the start of chapter...
  9. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E I Calculated CRs for the Tasha Summon Stat Blocks

    Creating a spell for each level could be possible but I think the designers thought that would be too abstract. I recall that during the initial 5e playtests that they received negative feedback the first time they introduced the concept of replacing summon spells with generic stat blocks...
  10. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E I Calculated CRs for the Tasha Summon Stat Blocks

    Alright so adjustments have been made based on taking into account abilities as well as resistances and fly speeds. There are no saving throw proficiencies in the stat blocks so I didn't have to worry about those. Increases to effective stats used for CR calculations are in the notes section on...
  11. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E I Calculated CRs for the Tasha Summon Stat Blocks

    It looks like I will have to go through the more detailed steps to more accurately calculate the CR. Most of the stat blocks don't have anything that will impact things too much so the changes will not be drastic but to get more accurate results it will have to be done. Will update once I get...
  12. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E I Calculated CRs for the Tasha Summon Stat Blocks

    Ah, I don't create custom monsters much so it seems I got a bit ahead of myself. I followed the "Creating Quick Monster Stats" instructions on page 274 rather than the much more detailed steps a bit later. Regardless, I think the only creature this would apply to is the earth spirit elemental...
  13. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E I Calculated CRs for the Tasha Summon Stat Blocks

    So I quite like the implementation of the new Summon spells from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. Having a generic stat block makes things run easier in terms of player expectations and game prep. But with a lot of different spells I was curious as to how they compare against each other. So I...
  14. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E Str or Dex for Twilight Cleric

    In this party I would probably go strength. You have two melee tanks with the barbarian and the paladin but with a party of 8 PCs combat encounters are likely to be big so an off tank cleric will help hold the line. The ancestral barbarian will certainly be happy to have an additional melee...
  15. MonkeezOnFire

    D&D 5E Str or Dex for Twilight Cleric

    As for the Mislead spell I think like many illusion spells the effectiveness will depend heavily on player creativity and how much the DM is willing to have creatures react to your illusions. Since it makes you invisible and provides an illusion the use that immediately jumps out at me is to...