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    Kickstarter Update Exalted Vales

    A few hours left.⏳ The ship sets sails for the Exalted Vales now with more than 1700 passengers. This is your last chance to get on-board. Back the project now. Exalted Vales: Region and Campaign Guide for D&D 5th edition. In recent days the number of backers supporting the project have gone a...
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    Press A beautiful illustration of Exalted Vales

    We asked a young talented artist to try our adventure for D&D ... If she liked the game, she was to draw a character. After the 1st game session, she told us it was one of the best game she ever played!!! So she created a full scene and a speedpaint video to thank us!
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    Kickstarter The Shadow Warden Exalted Vales 5E

    Hello everyone!! 1000 backers today, Wow this is huge, 1000 thanks!!! :D To celebrate, we are sharing a new ranger archetype: The Shadow Warden. What do you thinks about this character? For more informations check our project: Exalted Vales: Region and Campaign Guide for D&D 5th edition
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    Kickstarter Exalted Vales for 5E reached 50K

    We just reached 50k Ca$! it is truly amazing for us to receive such support from the community. Our friends from Howinerd played the introductory scenario this weekend, the session was super nice, thanks to them! There was a scene with a voice software that was super impressive! Watch the replay:
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    5E Idea of tokens

    Hey everybody! :) We did super cute tokens to go along with our illustrations. What do you think of it? Check out our project for more informations: Exalted Vales: Region and Campaign Guide for D&D 5th edition
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    Kickstarter D&D 5e - Exalted Vales Campaign

    Hello :), Here are the latest news from our Exalted Vales project: a supplement for D&D with lots of tales and mysteries. The project has exceeded 200% of funding, it's completely crazy for us, thank you all for your support (really!). Different youtubers spoke about us and we are happy to...
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    5E Exalted Vales - Free introduction scenario for new players

    Hello! Here is a free introduction scenario for D&D. It's part of the Exalted Vales, an epic campaign that got funded on day 3 on kickstarter. It has a unique theme: mysticism and the strange. It is ideal to start playing. Download the free scenario : If you like it, see the full project ...
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    Kickstarter D&D 5e - Exalted Vales Campaign

    Hello everyone! :D We wanted to thank everyone for your support... Exalted Vales (D&D) is over 70% of our funding goal in less than 24 hours. That's incredible... For those that don't know our project, here is a link: Exalted Vales: Region and Campaign Guide for D&D 5th edition
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    Kickstarter Exalted Vales Campaign

    We are so excited to announce the official launch of the Kickstarter campaign! :D Thank you for your support and engagement during the last two weeks. The time has come to ring the bell all through the valley and prepare for a mystical journey. Follow the link for more: Exalted Vales...
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    5E The white death - Exalted Vales

    Hey everybody! :) Today on our project page, we just unveiled a new archetype: a rogue specialized in throwing knives. And we'd love your opinion on two points! 1 / Are we right to expand knife throwing in this way, or is it sufficiently covered by the current rules? 2 / Do you think there...
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    Exalted Vales Djinn Video

    Thank for your note, yes we are French ahah.;)
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    Exalted Vales Djinn Video

    Our fans' got talent! :love: This week, we received a video from one of our beta-testers. What do you think guys ?" Exalted Vales - a regional guide and an epic campaign spanning level 1 to 16, with a unique theme: mysticism and the strange. All manner of unusual things happen in the Vales...
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    5E Battle maps Exalted Vales

    Hello everyone ! If you want to try new DnD battle maps check out : The project - Exalted Vales there is some free maps available on it. It’s about a new campaign called Exalted Vales. Try them and tell me what do you think ? :) Here is a sneak pic :