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    How many classes do you want to see this edition?

    Call me old school, but there never should have been more than the four classes (Fighter, MU, Cleric and Thief) or four races (Human, Elf, Dwarf and Hafling (aka Hobbit)), as originally meant. They should go back to that, at least in a separate game for new players, but that's never going to...
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    D&D 5E The Decrease in Desire for Magic in D&D

    You could always play the game as it was originally intended and that was with three levels. The only reason they added more levels was because of AD&D. Most young people today don't realize that D&D in it's current form is still the Advanced version which is why there is bell curve to...
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    D&D 5E What Does a Strength 20 Look Like (In Real Life)?

    I agree. STR alone doesn't always do it, since there are rule and certain techniques can win points or draw penalties. That and some of those mentioned, are more CON or DEX based attributes.
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    D&D 5E What Does a Strength 20 Look Like (In Real Life)?

    I suspect the more realistic attributes tend to be those of superhero games (not Marvel Superheroes!), if you like math.
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    D&D 5E What Does a Strength 20 Look Like (In Real Life)?

    What does 20 look like? I know when D&D first came out (Basic), 18 was the max for a human right? The only way to increase your strength attributes, was temporarily with Gauntlets of Ogre Power or Girdle of Giant Strength (pg 240 Rules Cyclopedia). It didn't necessarily change the look of...
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    D&D 5E What Does a Strength 20 Look Like (In Real Life)?

    I blame video games. Kids see those guys doing all kinds of stuff and want to apply it to table top.
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    D&D 5E What Does a Strength 20 Look Like (In Real Life)?

    Can I just add something to this incredible discussion? My understanding of what is inferred is that 18 means he can lift 180lbs as a matter of ease. That is to say he is so strong that he could walk for 8 hours and lift that 180lbs above his head repetitively. And if he has an 18...
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    New Gods of Mankind

    I was curious if anyone has ever heard of or played this game? It is a game where you play the role of a god. It allows you to play it in one of two ways: role playing or as a strategic board game. This flew under the radar with me since I like to review games about PC's as gods or with...
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    How often should PCs level up?

    I know this is dated, but the question is still relevant no matter. According to the Rules Cyclopedia, the late Aaron said "on average" leveling should occur once every five adventures, not sessions. Unless we are talking about different things, a session is a break in time during a campaign...
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    So, Godbound: where are the problem areas?

    Well if I understand you correction, you are looking for problematic areas possibly for future campaigns? Well lucky for you, that would be the entire Continent of Arcem. In every major city/state, you have some faction or creatures trying to prey on the weak. This is completely outshined by...
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    TSR In Forgotten Lawsuit, TSR Sued Wizards of the Coast

    WOTC should have been sued for creating D20.
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    Sorry Folks, I just can't get into 5e

    Interesting idea.