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Recent content by MPA2000

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    New Gods of Mankind

    I was curious if anyone has ever heard of or played this game? It is a game where you play the role of a god. It allows you to play it in one of two ways: role playing or as a strategic board game. This flew under the radar with me since I like to review games about PC's as gods or with...
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    How often should PCs level up?

    I know this is dated, but the question is still relevant no matter. According to the Rules Cyclopedia, the late Aaron said "on average" leveling should occur once every five adventures, not sessions. Unless we are talking about different things, a session is a break in time during a campaign...
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    So, Godbound: where are the problem areas?

    Well if I understand you correction, you are looking for problematic areas possibly for future campaigns? Well lucky for you, that would be the entire Continent of Arcem. In every major city/state, you have some faction or creatures trying to prey on the weak. This is completely outshined by...
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    TSR In Forgotten Lawsuit, TSR Sued Wizards of the Coast

    WOTC should have been sued for creating D20.
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    Sorry Folks, I just can't get into 5e

    I've seriously tried, but I cannot get into to anything beyond Basic D&D and AD&D1e. D20 just does nothing for me. Every version that came out, I tried to read the game rules and be part of the interest but the game is so different than Basic/ADD1e that it might as well be an entirely different...
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    Angels and Horrors in Basic D&D (Rules Cyclopedia)

    D&D is supposed to be fun and break from the dregs of reality, but in some cases even D&D can spawn beings that terrify the most courageous of souls. At least until you get to 20th level and above and had a DM who gave was generous with magical items, then pretty much every monster in D&D...
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    D&D 5E Bring D&D Immortals to 5e

    I believe this is only pertaining Immortal player character only, and how he wrapped around some of the ideas from the old Companion set (and other publications) to fit the Immortals. Makes sense since Immortals are represented on earth by Kings and Emperors. The rules mostly cover material...
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    D&D 5E Bring D&D Immortals to 5e

    The new Immortal rules revised and replaced almost all of old rules. I sincerely hope that you are just needing clarification. Power points: Yes they both have them. The rules previously had more power points given to PC who's mortal characters were MU's, the revised rules gave them all the...
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    D&D 5E Bring D&D Immortals to 5e

    I didn't not describe Immortals from the original set at all. Different creatures.
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    D&D 5E Bring D&D Immortals to 5e

    Okay before this gets moved to a different thread, I think this stands alone because I am referring to the new Immortal rules, not the old BECMI rules referred to on this website. In addition some of the threads refer to Highlander type Immortals. The Immortal set I am referring to from here...
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    D&D 1E A Guide to 1e AD&D Monsters to Challenge a Party of 13th level and Higher

    I think this was a rhetorical question, but since you brought up my favorite character class, I am compelled to talk about it. :) Much of your original post talks about challenges for characters and how some monsters are not so much of a threat as they present conditions/traps (ie save or die...
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    D&D 1E A Guide to 1e AD&D Monsters to Challenge a Party of 13th level and Higher

    MM says it will after 1-3 turns, provided you don't burn them off with a torch or have cure disease cast on you. Trying to burn them off (1d6 damage per worm) could be an equal deadly. Better hope you have a Cleric in the campaign
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    D&D 1E A Guide to 1e AD&D Monsters to Challenge a Party of 13th level and Higher

    Great thread. I just want to add my two or three cents in here. All of the named monsters (Asmodeus, Orcus, etc.) are listed by HP only, that means at best they can only attack as a 16 HD monster (per the chart), that being said Deities and Demigods expressively states that in their own...
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    Revisiting the Elemasters

    Greetings! Hi guys I often visit the Wizards.com boards and other Mystara boards and found yours after doing a search on Elemasters. I had brought up a question about why Aaron didn't include them in the WoTI. Anyway I know that I am new but I had a chance to really look over the hard work...