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Recent content by MrsMongoose

  1. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST Tizbiz Zeitgeist Campaign

    Hehehe: It me...
  2. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST Nock Guns

    One of the characters in Sharpe has one (according to Mr Mongoose...)
  3. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST Help Making Gears of Revolution AP More Leftist?

    Our thoughts on Old Nick were We’ve sort of seen what happens to ghosts when they stick around for too long (they get stuck in their ways: e.g. Council); I’m still entertaining the idea that he was at least (semi)legit to begin with (if driven to hurt the Clergy for reasons) and became more...
  4. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST Just starting Zeitgeist: Need some advice on player's factions

    Since your guys are technically FBI/Interpol-alogues, players have the elective to not do lethal damage, if they want a guy for questioning... tis could apply to the summoned/allied NPCs too? Why not have Asrabey have been faking death, and/or the body disappear in a swirl of leaves, like some...
  5. MrsMongoose

    EN Publishing We're Looking For Artists!

    I'll spread the word...
  6. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST [Spoilers] Sometimes the players go all in for their backstory

    Well this is a player after my own heart... :)
  7. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST Just starting Zeitgeist: Need some advice on player's factions

    Launga is definitely permanently dead (unless you pull shenanigans), as she died around 400 years ago. Dala was (unbeknownst to me), my character (Nevla), and she didn't come back Deva either, she had weird dreams about stuff mostly. However, her powers were tied to the Gyre in a strange way...
  8. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST Just starting Zeitgeist: Need some advice on player's factions

    For the Deva and where/when they show up again after "dying"... (emphasis mine) Players' Guide (so a player can have this knowledge about generic Devas, but possibly not individuals), under: "Deva. Devas were those people—mostly human—who were present at the de-feat of the goddess...
  9. MrsMongoose

    EN Publishing EN Publishing Is Hiring!

    Well, if I didn't already have a full time job...
  10. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST Designing Auryn

    so you can do a drawing and the free version lets you upload 4 (private) pics a month and AI tinker with it to morph it into something else or you can pick one already there - I just searched for one a bit like Dani from GoT for example), pick another one and let them have "kids", or just...
  11. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST Designing Auryn

    Have you seen what you can do if you pop a pic in Artbreeder?
  12. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST Are the levels right?

    No, that's PF 1e
  13. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST Nevard's Visions

    If you find #99 you have a rundown of what they all mean here... (and #100 directly after talks about the 3 keys early edits) https://www.enworld.org/threads/question-about-starting-zeitgeist.334549/page-5
  14. MrsMongoose

    ZEITGEIST The affirmative action racial recruitment team of the RHC

    See what I've had to cat herd...? dramatic eye roll Anyhow, I've been playing Nevla, currently skimming through this thread; thanks for writing this RW, and for Andrew (I can imagine the GM cackling already from some of the early thread I have got through so far...)