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    5E Better Leonin

    Whether or not they're as good as manufactured weapons in real life is beside the point. The designers make the conscious decision to put a worthless claw attack in the racial block or replace it with a teleport, hellish rebuke, flying, or any number of other racial features that PC races get...
  2. NaturalZero

    5E Share Astonishing PC Power Combos Discovered in Play

    Does anyone watch Critical Role?
  3. NaturalZero

    5E Better Leonin

    I'm just sick of puny natural weapons taking up space as racial features. They're almost always garbage compared to what a real character is doing in a real campaign. Really, the only time a 1d6 natural weapon that can stand in for an unarmed strike is useful is for a monk's bonus action attack...
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    5E Does anyone else suffers from setting paralysis?

    There's nothing wrong with sitting at home by yourself and devoting all of your mental and creativity to creating a world that only you take interest in. If the players genuinely don't care about what setting you're using, they're not going to mind always using your pet project homebrew, and if...
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    5E Firbolg charactera

    I prefer races that don't just look like humans with a different name. The new firbolg has more aesthetic and mechanical distinction than the old human guy with the red hair with the same name. I wish elves and dwarves had as much visual identity.
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    5E D&D Mythic Odysseys of Theros Previews!

    I almost wouldn't care if they had just released a huge Monster Manual from this setting. The monster list is like a 4e line-up where they give a bunch of flavorful variants of standard monsters, ready to run.
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    5E Keith Baker: Exploring Eberron

    I like items like the Duster that are purely utilitarian but are desirable for character RP and are useful for world building.
  8. NaturalZero

    WotC What's your dream release schedule?

    I just want a PHB 2 style book with psion, battlemind, swordmage base classes.
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    5E D&D Mythic Odysseys of Theros Previews!

    The settings that I like take D&D and put a different spin on it. Spelljammer is way out there with space ships and fantasy space-physics. Dark Sun eschews normal magic rules and revolves around fighting strange, alien creatures in a harsh environment with exotic mental powers. Eberron is...
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    UA Revived, Noble Genie and Archivist Revisited in UA

    Being able to make wizard that can alter the damage type of spells is the greatest take-away from this. You can finally make a spell caster with a strong elemental theme from early. Want a cryomancer? Everything is cold damage. Want a dao themed guy to match the genie warlock in your party? All...
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    5E Would you let your player choose their magic items they get?

    One thing I'd like to try once I get in the DM's chair again is to focus more on temporary consumables in the vein of the Witcher. Need a special weapon to harm undead? There's an oil with a shelf life of one week that you can craft with local herbs. Need to kill demons? There's an incense you...
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    5E Would you let your player choose their magic items they get?

    In 5e, I haven't seen a lot of games where players feel they need a specific set of items like in 3.5 or 4e. As a DM though, I almost never ever ever roll random magic items anymore because I know what it's like to be a player at a table where the DM throws nothing but useless items at the...
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    5E Design a Goliath sub-race!

    I imagine that with the popularity of Critical Role and the subsequent animated series that Amazon is going to publish, we should expect to see Goliaths as a staple in future editions.
  14. NaturalZero

    UA Elemental Patron Warlock

    It's just an upgrade from the Radiant Soul version. Extra resistance and no language restricting bonus damage.
  15. NaturalZero

    General Rolling HPs

    I see this playing out pretty differently at different tables and it's great that the players decided not to abuse the privilege. I hate showing up at tables where everyone has "rolled" scores and seeing multiple people with no score below 16.