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    General What would a deity feel when followers pray to it?

    Have you ever played thr gane Black and White? I think that would be the best representation of what a god gets from their worshipers. For those who haven't played. There were 3 manor factors on how you the player (who is a god) influenced the world. You had a sphere of influence, this sphere...
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    5E Yes, I know what RAW says, but, Effects of allowing Sneak Attack on Monk attacks.

    They could easily state that in the description of the spells, but it's ok, monks can use weapons anyway, and at I think level 6, their attacks also count as magical, so the spells aren't necessary.
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    5E Yes, I know what RAW says, but, Effects of allowing Sneak Attack on Monk attacks.

    Wow I can't believe the app destroyed my pic like that. But it does say unarmed strike at the bottom of simple melee weapons. You can see the dashes for gold cost, range and special properties. Like i said, I'm not sure why they took it out of the newer printings, but it used to be there.
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    5E 5E's poor book bindings

    Mine just started falling apart a few months ago.
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    5E 5E's poor book bindings

    I'm assuning your 1st books were the 1st printing. There is a known issue that the 1st printings of the core books had the glue giving up. I have the 1st printings of every book I've bought, only my PHB started falling apart because that's the book i use the most. I bought a new copy recently...
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    5E Yes, I know what RAW says, but, Effects of allowing Sneak Attack on Monk attacks.

    In the 1st printing of the PHB, unarmed strike was a simple weaon attack. I'm not sure why they took that out in subsequent printings. But to address the issue, because of the way multi-classing works, i don't are a problem with being able to use sneak attack with unarmed strikes, because you...
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    5E Why is there a limit to falling damage?

    I guess the 20d6 max is for creatures that would actually survive a fall for that magnitude, not for something that the PCs should be able to exploit.
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    5E Why is there a limit to falling damage?

    1st rule of D&D: the DM has final say on everything and can supersede any rule.
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    5E Curse of Strahd - What am I missing? (Possible spoilers?)

    I was pretty disappointed running it too. I too was expecting the same type of setting 2e had. The beginning was pretty hard fir the players, but they found the Holy Symbol in the gypsy camp, which made undead encounters laughable early on. When the book came out, WotC didn't know that the...
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    6E Class features with drawbacks

    The way to fix it is, Frenzy gives you an extra attack per round, not as a bonus action. This way, it works with PAM and GWM.
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    6E Class features with drawbacks

    My 1st barbarian was a berserker. I actually didn't use it much, mainly because I was playing AL, and most fights didn't last long enough for me to even waste a rage over. But when I dod rage, I would use frenzy at least 1/day.
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    5E Players Handbook 5e is $18 on Amazon and a sales rank of 70 right now.

    Thanks for the heads up. I just bought 2
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    5E Would you let your player choose their magic items they get?

    Sure, ask them to make a list of the items they would like to find within the campaign, and then you can decide when, where and how they aquire them. There's nothing I hate more than getting a bunch of magic items no one wants or can use. The other route a DM could go, is have some sort of...
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    5E 2020 Release Speculation Thread

    We don't have enough Yugoloths. I want to see the Altroloths and other Archdevils. What they need to do is remake the Planescape setting, for high level characters only this time.
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    5E 1-3 Encounters per Adventuring Day

    It seems like at high levels, there really isn't a winning scenario. A lot of times, if the fight seems like it will be easy, a lot of players won't use resources anyway. I was thinking of maybe running a campaign where you only get HP back when you spend HD, but give them all their HD back when...