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    I just want to talk about my homebrew

    Greetings, I am just looking for people to talk about my ideas for a quick and easy rpg game system/mechanics. First, here's the link to what I have so far: Polyhedrals - The Homebrewery I have spent some time exploring Youtube videos on gaming. I spent a lot of time with Shut Up and Sit Down...
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    Help finding a photo of attacking an obelisk

    Thank you so much!
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    Help finding a photo of attacking an obelisk

    A few days ago I saw a news article that contained an image of an obelisk and someone in armor about to strike it with a battle axe. Can anyone point me to that image?
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    Play by mail (Don't laugh, it's only a little funny.)

    RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE POST! Play by mail! Here is why I am attempting it. I wish have some fun mediating play between my children and my brother's children. I would venture to say almost everyone likes getting mail that isn't an advertisement or bill. They are young and I would like them to...
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    Christmas session idea

    The Dwarf Klaus has come to town, you are drawn to his obnoxious laugh in the tavern. He eventually confides in the party that a large caravan is about to pass through this area. It is a long distance caravan that only passes through once a year. On it are some ancestral hammers that have...
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    Idea about automating encounters

    Fearing that I may soon find myself in a situation of having eight players to GM a Pathfinder session for, I came up with this thought. What if I planned for an encounter. I would use this for half of the players, while I GM'd the second half. Then I could do the opposite later. I would make...
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    What props or other immersive things have GMs used that were cool?

    I try and add cool immersive props for my games. I always want to go bigger and cooler to know the players' socks off. I will just go through a few things I have done. I'd like to hear what you have done or what your game master has done that you thought were just awesome. My first session...
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    Using Google Slides for mood using gifs

    I am throwing together a google slides presentation. I am collecting animated gifs that I can use for mood. So far I have flames, watery cave, starscape. I plan on using it with a projector and chromcast to fill the wall behind me as we play. If you have any content suggestions, that would be...
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    Computer desktop or tablet GM screens?

    I was looking for a GM "screen" for my laptop. Something that provides easy access tables and maybe a dice roller. Any apps like that out there? Or has anyone put together a Onenote notebook that does it?
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    Using augmented reality apps for a game session

    Thanks for the link! I have a cavernous playing area, so plenty of surfaces to work with.
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    Using augmented reality apps for a game session

    Last year I ran a campaign where a magical "magnifying glass" was found. Looking through it exposed phase shifted items and clues. It was like a spoof of Pokemon Go. I just found an app called Wallame. With it, I can take a photo of a surface an assign GPS location data. I can type a...
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    Using video to set mood

    I have been using led RBG light strips to change the lighting for encounters. And I have used a monitor to display art for scenes and monsters. Is there a good resource for video? Specifically, loops of raging fires, battles, blizzards, dragons, moon moving over the clouds, etc. I imagine...
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    Green elf is about to die! Gauntlet Video Game Based.

    Has anyone run a dungeon bases on the Gauntlet 1-2 games from the 80s? I'm drawing one up now, and I think it will be a hoot. Of course, there are quite a few people now days who have no idea what I am talking about. Educate your children people!