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    Conduct Guidelines around the Table

    Hello all, Some time ago, I had read about different gaming groups having their own "social contract" or at least, code of conduct. I'm going to be starting a new campaign with a few friends/strangers whose only connection to each other is myself and love of the hobby (or a desire to try it...
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    10th level Dragon Disciple. Alignment Change?

    My Paladin 2/Sorceror 1, Ishmael, is aiming for Dragon Disciple (DD). I was looking at the Dragon Disciple PrC and this question came to mind. At 10th level of DD, Ishmael takes the Half-Dragon template. The Half-Dragon template says that the Half-Dragon's alignment matches its Dragon type...
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    (Adventure) The Island of Varras'zul (Manzanita Judging) (Concluded)

    Unlike the sudden downpour last eve, the morning was gifted with clear skies and a refreshing breeze. The good weather especially affected the mood at the docks, bringing a cheery atmosphere to the scene. Mona stood atop the deck of a small ship named the "Winder". Though she was talking with...
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    Empathic Transfer + Vigor?

    Hello everyone in the D&D Rules forum! I've a question that needs answering: Can the temporary HP of the Vigor power provide a buffer against the HP loss of the Empathic Transfer Power?
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    Fists of Iron

    The Fists of Iron feat from Complete Warrior says that you can add 1d6 to your unarmed attack damage by spending one of your stunning fist attempts. Do you think the rules allow for the expenditure of multiple SF attempts to add more d6s to one strike? If they don't, do you think that it would...
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    Survey on Gaming in a Philippine setting

    Hi everyone, My brother asked me to post this survey on ENWorld, because of its large gamer population. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be here or in another forum but I guess the mods can move it if it's wrongly located (or erase it if it's out of place) Anyhoo, just "quote" the questions...
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    Needed 1-2 players for a PBEM

    Actually, I already have 10 players so far but I need 2 more to be able to make 3 4-person parties or 2 6-person parties. The setting is very "homebrew" so don't expect elves, dragons or orcs. For the most part, the system works the same as D&D 3.5 but with a few changes (composite bows are not...
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    South NJ, In need of 1-2 players

    Hi there, I run "The Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil" on every other friday and I'm looking for one or two players to add to my three player party. I will be using the D&D 3.5 ruleset. Rules for character creation and house rules will be provided after confirmation of attendance...
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    Alternative Ranger Combat Styles

    Hi all! I was thinking of replacing the Ranger Combat Style feats with, Animal Defiance (2th level) and Animal Control (6th level). What do you guys think of this swapping? Also, what do you all think would be an appropriate placement for the 11th level bonus feat of the Ranger?
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    Remove the prereqs of Weapon Finesse

    I'm thinking of implementing a house rule to remove the prereqs of weapon finesse. What do you guys think of this? Do you think it would be awfully unbalancing? I think it just sucks for rogues, some monks and bards if WFin remained at BAB +1. edit: added monk
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    [OT] Vin Diesel speaks like a Half-orc!

    I was watching Conan o'Brian and Vin Diesel spoke of his D&D days. And even said a line from his Half-orc character! According to him, there was a tattoo of his in Triple X that was the name of his Drow Character, Malcoren [edit: or something], who was double specialized... I know that he's...
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    3.5 D&D 3E GM/player without a group in Southern NJ

    hi, Just moved to Central Jersey a few months ago. I've been without a game for too long. :( Anybody have a game near Somerdale? I've a car now so I can go as far as Moorestown Mall but not too far... Anyhoo, I've been gaming for 9 years, Gm for 8. Moderately experienced with the rules. I...