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    5E Perform versus Musical Instruct Proficiency

    Tim gets proficiency bonus whether or not he plays the harp as part his performance (you never add proficiency bonus more than once) Tom gets proficiency bonus if he plays the harp, but not if he sings, dances, recites poetry, etc. (see PHB p. 179 for description of Perform skill) Tam gets...
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    5E A brief rant about Rime of the Frost Maiden, farming, logistics, and ecology

    Yeah the whole "winters can last for years" bit is what turned me off to the Game of Thrones novels when they originally came out. Sure, civilized humans with highly developed agriculture could grow enough crops during long summers to survive a years long winter, but when all the plants die...
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    5E Bad Sage Advice?

    Crawford is wrong so often they need to stop calling it "Sage" Advice....its just advice.
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    5E Which Virtual Table Top are you using right now and what do you like best about it?

    FG is my favorite either as a player or GM. The automation has a bit of a learning curve but it is great once you get the system down. I even use it offline to run test encounters and such because it makes it really easy to run fights. Roll20 is fine. It has a big community which makes it...
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    Drawing a Big Dungeon Map--Help?

    The facility is big because it needs lots of different subsections for different purposes: cloning lab, construct lab, weapons lab, living quarters, detention level for test subjects, etc. Figure out what sections you need then think about what goes in each section. The cloning lab will have a...
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    5E Storm King's Thunder - Nonan's Hold (need DM advice)

    I find it can be tough to challenge mid to high level characters with single encounter days. This is especially true as five of your six PCs are long rest classes that have lots of resources to burn when they "nova." Not every day needs to be 6-8 encounters, but the more you can wear them down...
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    General Sword & Sandals campaign ideas

    Here is an idea loosely based on a campaign I recently played in: Act 1: Episodic adventures within a region. PC's are amoral mercenaries trying to make a buck in a dog-eat-dog world. During this act the PCs meet the various factions and power groups in the region to set the stage for the...
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    5E Dark Sun doesn't actually need Psionics

    Does Eberron NEED artificers? Does Ravenloft NEED vampires? Does Planescape NEED Sigil? The literal answer is no - you could do versions of all of these settings without some of their signature elements. But just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you SHOULD.
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    5E Sell me on a megadungeon

    If you are just looking for lots of content that your PCs may only see a part of I think FCoA might be the best bet of the three. It isn't really a megadungeon at all - it is more like Caves of Chaos expanded to campaign length. There is a moderate sized wilderness with various humanoid tribes...
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    How many hits can a mook take?

    How many hits must an NPC take before we call him a mook? The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind.
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    5E Goodberry + Unicorn Spirit ( Circle of Shepherd Feature )

    Off topic here, but thinking further about this, it undercuts the rationale of the original Goodberry Sage Advice. The phrase "use a spell" in the Disciple of Life ability can be interpreted to mean: 1) it just means casting the spell. In that case you only "use" goodberry once and the...
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    5E Goodberry + Unicorn Spirit ( Circle of Shepherd Feature )

    Arguably "use a spell" from disciple of life applies to eating a goodberry but "cast a spell" from unicorn spirit does not. In other words eating the berry is not casting a spell (spell was cast earlier, maybe by a different character), but it is using a spell by activating the effect. You...
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    5E What to do about Hypnotic Pattern?

    "The spell ends for the affected creature if it takes any damage or if someone else uses an action to shake the creature out of its stupor." Reasonably intelligent enemies should always do this. If the bad guys are all acting on the same initiative count then the one guy who saves (or is...
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    WotC Birthright may be opened up for DM's Guild

    Yeah pretty sure this is just them trying to get more of their back catalog up on DriveThru. IIRC the original product here was a free brochure they gave away in game stores as marketing for the setting. Hardly the sort of big deal release that would herald the release of the setting on DMG.
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    General Eberron resource request

    The 3E sourcebook "Sharn City of Towers" has about a half page description of the sewers. Some of the main details: -clans of scavengers (mostly goblin) pick through the waste for anything of value. Territorial, often violent, but may be bribed to help adventurers. -large "midden chambers"...