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    5E And his name is Tortuga!

    Use standard combat but add "Wrestling Maneuvers" - you can attempt each of these once per match as a free action. Trash talk: Make an Intimidate check, if you succeed your opponent is frightened of you until the next time they hit you. Off the Turnbuckle: Make an acrobatics check. If you...
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    My entire party wants to kill me! Help!

    It is unclear from your post whether the group is upset because your role-playing is genuinely disruptive or whether they are just mad because they don't think you are playing a paladin "right" and want the magic sword for their own selfish reasons. If you DM changed your alignment and stripped...
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    D&D Beyond Revisits Popular Feats

    I'm surprised that Healer and Inspiring Leader didn't make the top 20. Both provide far more overall benefit for a group than any of the others on the list. My 8th level bard can give the party 13 THP each with inspiring leader - which is almost as good as if everyone in the party had had the...
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    D&D Digital Plans To Be Revealed On February 21st

    I've got a bad feeling about this.... "Today Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast are excited to announce the latest official D&D setting is…..Monopoly! Yes, now your adventurers can finally explore iconic locations like Park Place and Boardwalk! Loot legendary treasure from the mythical Community...
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    I want to try out a different way of doing racial ability scores in my next campaign, want to poke holes at it?

    I don't think it is game breaking. Personally, it seems unnecessarily complex just to accommodate one PC's concept. I't just go with: "With DM's permission you can use one point from your racial ability score increase to increase your class' primary ability by one point."
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    Maxwell's Silver Hammer: On Spells, Design, and the feeling of Sameyness in 5e

    You could make exactly the same argument about martial classes. The only difference between a fighter hitting with a longsword and a barbarian hitting with a battleaxe is that the fighter gets a +2 damage bonus from a fighting style whereas the barbarian gets his +2 damage bonus from rage...
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    The moons are lovely...

    Angular size is inversely proportional to distance. So pulling numbers off the this site and doing rough calculations: Io would appear slightly smaller than the moon appears from Earth Europa and Ganymede would both appear roughly half the size of our moon Callisto would be about a quarter...
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    D&D Band Names

    Yoko Oni is trying to break up the Fire Beetles.
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    5E Enough is Enough: WotC needs to add "domain spells" to *existing* sorcerer subclasses

    I'd like to see sorcerers get "domain" spells BUT I'd also like to see those spells go toward more situational and utility spells. Currently the limited spell selection means sorcerers end up going with the "usual suspects" of combat spells. You just don't have the slots to spare for those...
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    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Video Game Kickstarter Live

    This is a developer that is just licensing the Pathfinder IP. I believe the MMO was essentially done in-house by Paizo....which might have been part of the problem.
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    Which Online Virtual Tabletop Do You Use?

    I've used both Fantasy Grounds and Roll20 for 150+ hours each. Both work well - neither one is a bad choice, but I prefer FG for a couple of reasons: 1) I like the UI better in FG. For example, navigating the character sheets are easier. FG sheets are small with lots of tabs along the side...
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    Trouble With Worldbuilding and Adventure Writing

    You have some cool ideas. Now think about the sorts of conflicts those ideas would create and build adventures around those: 1) If sorcerers are the new nobles....what happened to the old nobles? The former elites are probably not going sit idle while their power and status slips away. Maybe...
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    5E Shooting into a melee. Disadvantage or not?

    I generally give half cover even if the ally doesn't directly block the line of fire. A melee would be more chaotic than can represented by static miniatures on a grid where everything stays neatly centered in its own 5' square. The possibility that someone is going to dodge or lunge at the...
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    Wizards of the Coast Announces Sci-Fi Video Game with ex-BioWare Developers

    I'd think if your a game company it would be cheaper and easier to develop new IP as tabletop setting and then invest in the CRPG once you have something you think works. This is like Marvel making movies with original characters in order to develop ideas for new comic books.
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    Worlds of Design: A Question of Balance

    My first RPG character was a magic-user in Basic D&D. I was very excited to play a character I envisioned as Gandalf or Merlin wading through foes with blasts of arcane death. The reality is that I hung out in the back of the party doing nothing for 90% of the fights. Once or twice a session...