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    Artifacts of a Bygone Era

    I noticed earlier that I still had AIM, MSN, and Yahoo messenger handles attached to my account, and I can not for the life of me figure out how to get rid of them.
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    Mystery Dice

    I was recently pointed towards a Twitter discussion where someone was trying to figure out what a particular set of dice was, and I've spent the past couple of days agonizing over it: Each die appears to be identical, with one...
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    Searching For a The Thing-esque Game

    I have discovered that a game exists, but I have forgotten what the game is called. Thematically it's like the 1980s movie The Thing (though it's not the new Mondo Games boardgame). People play an assortment of scientist types trapped at an Antarctic research facility with a shapeshifting...
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    Surface Studio as an RPG Tool The really exciting part for me was around the 1:12 mark. The idea of being able to go from sketch to three dimensional environment while sitting at a game table makes my heart go all aflutter. Anyone out there planning on getting one of these yet?
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    The Explosive Growth of the 300 Person Megagame

    For those who haven't heard about these things yet, there's a newish hybrid breed of RPG and boardgame called a "megagame" that's gaining popularity around the globe. Ars Technica recently wrote an article about them, the people who are making them, and the trials and tribulations they face...
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    [April 2016 Edition] What Are You Reading?

    I'm just starting the Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross. It's a somewhat tongue in cheek Lovecraftian/spy thriller/math is magic book. I'm liking it so far.
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    5E Digital Gaming Tables

    Me too, me too!
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    Android Die Roller - DnDice

    I've been looking for a die roller app on and off pretty much since I got my first smartphone. Over the years there have been a lot of things I liked, but never anything I bothered to use or even keep installed in case of emergencies. Last week, I think I found a winner...
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    usercp and XP

    Is there an easy way to swap out the old Latest XP section at the bottom of usercp.php with the newer XP Awards and Laughs information?
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    Has Anyone Played 'Fall of Magic'?

    I just stumbled on this via the newest Shut Up & Sit Down review: The Kickstarter totally flew under my radar. Is there anyone on here who has played it?
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    Oh My God, I Missed the Boat

    So I was neck deep with work from pretty much the beginning of last summer straight through till mid November. As such, I totally missed any mention of the WOTC boards going down. Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeves as to how to best go about scouring the internet (or more likely the...
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    Using Magnetic Fields to Produce Gravitational Fields Wait, what? Anyone here with the appropriate combinations of letters after their name who can go over this in layman's terms for us? Is it just "We've noticed that we can bend light with magnetic fields, so we're going to...
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    3D Printed Dragons

    Ooooo! Someone made files for dragon... are they still considered miniatures when they're gargantuan?
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    5E One or Two Fights a Day Encounter Design

    I'm neck deep in my first attempt at running a one shot 5th Ed game, and I see a stumbling block on the horizon. The game has been shaping up to be a combination chase/hex crawl, with four fifth level characters, that played out in maybe a four hour session. I was envisioning maybe three to...