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    OOTS 1182: The Beer Talking

    Belkar is probably the most self-aware character in the group. That's either brilliant or completely messed up. Maybe both.
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    OOTS 1176: Die or Die Trying

    The next Die Hard title ...
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    Ed Greenwood: How The Realms Began

    This will be fun; looking forward to it!
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    Posting error

    I'm getting an error "the message you post must contain 3 characters" when posting to threads -- so no replies. Hopefully this post works!
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    Help select an adventure premise

    I need some help selecting an adventure. System doesn't matter -- looking for cool ideas for the best setting. Fill in the blanks in the following opening: You and your companions are a group of (1) ______ who have undertaken a long sea voyage. Many days from land, a great storm comes up...
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    Desperately Seeking Something like ...

    Warhamster. I'm in need of War Hamsters, Battle Budgies, Combat Canaries, Murder Mice, Gladiator Gerbils, Demon Dogs, Conflict Cats, and other household pets gone savage. Minis, board, or RP game. What say you?
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    Star Wars, Star Trek, and Gaming

    A gentle correction in another thread got me thinking: why does it seem like in gaming there are a lot more Star Wars-based games (video games, RPGs, other tabletop games) than Star Trek-based games? This is totally unscientific -- I have no idea the size of the respective fanbases, though it...
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    Settlers of Fhtagn

    This game isn't a thing, but it totally should be. What sort of resources and events would you put in it?
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    Spitfyre -- fantasy Battle of Britain

    I just backed what looks like a hilarious Kickstarter: Spitfyre: Aerial Combat in the skies of Panzerfäuste British orcs versus German dwarves, with a side of French gnomes and Polish Trogs? What's not to like?
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    So ... any experience with Frostgrave?

    So I recently stumbled across the Frostgrave miniatures skirmish game. Anyone have any experience with it? Since it's miniatures generic and d20-based, it seems like it would be cheap and easy to pick up and use with all the eras of D&D minis that I have, with a simpler system than a lot of...
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    Dejarik Holochess ... a Star Wars boardgame

    I made a set of rules for Dejarik Holochess as well as a custom Dejarik set. Rules posted here for your shaing and enjoyment -- just needs a Dejarik board, some minis/meeples, and d6s. Enjoy! Demo video:
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    A Campaign system for X-wing Miniatures

    I recently came up with a "light" campaign system for the X-Wing Miniatures Game -- it allows 2-6 players to vie for control of an expanding galactic map, where X-wing skirmishes determine the outcome of battles. The Coruscant Campaign is "light" in the sense that it isn't mission-themed...
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    Smaug's Motivation

    As species go, we dragons are terribly misunderstood. Despite the popular myth, dragons really aren’t all about the gold. Or the princesses, for that matter. Sure, I you can find the occasional tasty princess. You want to avoid the virgins. Most of them come in only two varieties: sickly sweet...
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    Darkest night in 500 years ... six years ago

    Due to a lunar eclipse on the solstice, on this date six years ago was the darkest night in 500 years (except for yuo poor slobs who live in well-lit urban areas, of course). Here's a great summary of the 12 stages of a lunar eclipse. 1. Faint penumbral dimming of the moon’s disk. 2...
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    It's almost Life Day!

    Are you watching the Holiday Special?