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    5E Creating some undead themed spells for a PC

    So, my fiancee likes the idea of summoning undead and is playing a Necromancer Wizard. Honestly 5e is not kind to this play style so I'm reskinning a few spells for her (Evards Black Tentacles as skeletal hands and a necromancy spell). Regrettably the whole horde aspect of older editions is and...
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    5E How small could Faerûn be?

    How small could Faerûn be? I know roughly how large it is, however from the maps it looks way too big, 400 mile wide forests that look comparibly dinky. So how small could it be made and still be realistic? While I don't think it can handle being the size of the UK, maybe all of Europe?
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    Handling secret doors and other hidden things on a digital gaming surface

    When I build my D&D table I am highly considering using a TV inside the gaming table. But the issue is, how do I hide things? Most maps I know of have hidden areas shown in the D&D books and on online map generators.
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    5E Homebrew Nightshades

    Attempt 2. They have increased HP and AC, generally do more damage per round, amd the math should all be correct. Also, the Light Aversion has been replaced with simple Sunlight Vulnerability. Meaning that in Bright Light they recieve neither advantage or disadvantage, which is accurate to the...