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  1. Patlin

    Invoker's Blaze / Implement Focus

    My DM pointed out that there is now an implement focus feat, and I was wondering how that interacts with Invoker's Blaze. Can anyone tell me if they are both feat bonuses? I'm wondering if they stack.
  2. Patlin

    Armor thrull token on white knight?

    I've been breaking my magic cards out of their decade long hybernation to play with my kids. I'm not sure if the rules have changed much in that time, but I give the time lapse in case it effects the answer. Does the White Knight's "protection from black" ability prevent it from gaining a...
  3. Patlin

    Protector's Shield Feat

    I'm trying to evaluate this feat. At first glance, 1-8 additional damage on an ability I expect I won't often get to use (our group, including the DMs, avoid provoking OAs as a general rule) seems trivial and unworthy of a feat. However, it occurs to me that there may be a "hidden" benefit...
  4. Patlin

    Advice for A WoW Prodigal

    Some of the folks in my D&D group are into World of Warcraft, which I stopped playing about 3 years ago. They are now trying to convince me to play. My main character in WoW was a level 60 Tauren Druid, and at the time level 60 was the level cap. If (when?) I give in and go back to playing...
  5. Patlin

    4E 4E needs monsters between minion and "normal"

    Wow, that's what I was going to say, even down to the number of levels. :)
  6. Patlin

    4E [4e] Wizard as good as a Fighter in Standard Melee

    A 30th level Fighter and a 30th level wizard built in absolutely bizzarre ways might have similar melee basic attacks, although the fighter will still have an edge. If you compare the best melee power of each, however, you'll see who the melee character is. That, and the assumption that a...
  7. Patlin

    4E 4E character creation

    One of the upcoming 4e books is focussed on undead. Maybe wait for that to be published first?
  8. Patlin

    Opening Shove, New Warlord at Will

    This looks like a pretty cool power, from the Martial Power excerpt. Here are my first thoughts on it. It does no damage, but on a hit it pushes the target and then gives an ally you can see the opportunity to either make a basic melee attack on the target or shift int mod squares... 4 squares...
  9. Patlin

    Swordsage with Resounding Thunder and Thundering Weapon

    Basically, this is a "Does this work?" question. I'm not sure if it's actually called "Thundering Weapon" but I'm pretty sure there is a weapon out there somewhere that turns your damage into thunder damage, and in the process adds the Thunder keyword to attacks with it. Let's say this...
  10. Patlin

    Transposing Lunge / Generating a miss with interrupts

    A shielding swordmage can use this power as part of an Aegis of Shielding immediate interrupt. Aegis of Shielding normally reduces the damage done by an attack, and transposing lunge could in theory move an attacker well out of attack range of the target. If that happens, does the swordmage...
  11. Patlin

    4E DnD 4e Previews...What Would You Like To See?

    This. Also, show us how great DDI will be with a few pre release articles that will actually add to the game once we have it. For example: "The Bard, Part 1 -- The complete class and its heroic tier powers." (I'd rather have Druid than Bard, but I bet the Bard is a lot more complete at this...
  12. Patlin

    4E 4e Multiclassing and Characters from Fiction

    What are some of your favorite fantasy books, and how would you represent the characters in them under the 4e multiclassing system? I'll start off with a few to show what I mean. The Belgariad by David Eddings Belgareth the Sorceror: Wizard Polgara the Sorceress: Wizard Belgarion: Wizard with...
  13. Patlin

    Half Elves and Multiclassing

    The multiclassing preview tends to suggest that the half elf racial ability isn't as simple as "gain one multiclassing feat as a bonus feat." While "Arcane Initiate Int 13 Wizard: Arcana skill, wizard power 1/encounter" matches up with the Wizard power 1/encounter bit that the sample character...
  14. Patlin

    3E/3.5 4E/3E Combat Time Question...

    I found that, as a DM, some monsters had stat blocks that were extremely complicated and often had small tidbits that made a dramatic difference. If you didn't want to screw up, you had to read very carefully. I think this contributed a lot to the time required for high level combats. Some...
  15. Patlin

    4E Should 4e convert to metric?

    If they had made squares 1 meter x 1 meter, those more attached to the imperial system could have substituted the word 'yard' for 'meter' with relative ease. Or vice versa.