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    General Did anyone ever "win" D&D?

    Gestalt of both.
  2. Poisoner

    General Did anyone ever "win" D&D?

    I won D&D when I defeated the Dungeon Master in hand to hand combat.
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    Why do you like Fantasy RPGs?

    Or should I say playing in Fantasy settings? Whether it is a homebrew setting or a published setting. What makes you like a Fantasy setting for roleplaying games?
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    5E Monte Cook working on 5E?

    According to Post #24 in this thread Monte Cook has begun work on 5E. The source is Margaret Weis ("Queen of Darkness"), so I figured it is more reliable than most other sources. Still, the information is second-hand. I just thought I should post this.
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    How do you make up Fantasy names?

    When making up names for a Fantasy setting, how do you make up new names? I admit I mostly stare at my keyboard and string together letters until they make a convincing name. I will also use real world names if I can not come up with something that does not sound like a good name. I try and...
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    Anyone here ever play Chill 1st or 2nd Edition? I have the 2nd Edition on PDF, unfortunately 1st Edition is not available in PDF format. What were your experiences with the system?
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    Do you like Mountain Dew?

    I always hear about how this is the Gamer's (Both Tabletop and Videogame) drink of choice, but how many people here actually like it? I myself do, but I am curious to see how popular it is amongst ENWorlder's. I am not affiliated with Pepsi Co., the current distributors of Mountain Dew.:p
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    No Planescape tag?

    Is there any reason we do not have a Planescape tag? We have one for every other D&D setting it seems. Hehe, when I say "tag", I mean "prefix", like the "ENWorld" prefix this thread has.
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    Lol, I wonder why we do not have a Planescape tag... Anyways, I was wondering what peoples experiences with Planescape were. Positive or negative? Did you like or hate the cant? Etc.
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    Your experiences with Spelljammer?

    What are your experiences with this setting? Did you have fun if you were a player? What about if you were GMing it?
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    Ravenloft-Your Experiences

    Have you ever played in or GMed Ravenloft? If so, what system did you use? And how long did the campaign last? Did you enjoy it?
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    Campaign Settings you like

    I have been heavily into Dragonlance for about six years now. Before that, it was the Forgotten Realms, but I have largely lost interest in that setting. I have recently developed an interest in Ravenloft, and am starting to collect game materials and novels from the setting. I have a mild...
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    Did avatars just die?

    I have noticed that I can not see anyone's avatar on either Firefox 3.6 or Opera 10.51. What happened?
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    How often do you downgrade monsters...

    From what their CR is listed as? Like, you are looking at this really cool monster, but you notice it has a CR of 20 and the PCs are only around 8th level. So, you decide to weaken it enough to be a challenge to 8th level PCs.
  15. Poisoner

    Monster PCs

    What have been your experiences with Monster PCs in your games? I am mainly talking about DnD 3.X and Pathfinder here, but anyone who has played or GMed a Monster PC under other systems is welcome to share their experience.:)