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Recent content by Quasqueton

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    My AD&D game is dead

    I haven't seen a "I'm quitting D&D" thread in a little while, so when I came across this old one, I thought I'd post it. Dragon #189, January 1993, "Forum" letter: [Deleted comment - I was being humorous, but it didn't come across that way.] Quasqueton
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    CRs/ELs -- apparently the designers don't read the rules they talk about (old thread)

    From "Design & Development" 8/27/07 I know this is a month old, now, but it has bothered me ever since I first read it. It bothers me because apparently the designers don't understand the very rules they've written and are tinkering with. Actually, "according to the rules" (DMG page 49), a...
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    Must you have and use every book for D&D

    It amazes me, all this complaining about too many supplement books. People claim they "must" get, have, and use anything WotC puts out for D&D. Some call it "rules bloat." There is actually a thread on this forum talking about that some think it is good that a new edition of the game is coming...
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    On taking power away from the DM

    I so often see comments about how the latest edition of D&D has "taken power away from the DM." This usually seems to be considered a sad thing (and sometimes a bad thing). I don't understand this concept. Please explain this idea of "DM power", and explain how DMs have lost it. Quasqueton
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    Eberron - core rules to the extreme?

    I've seen this kind of statement many times in various threads. And if I remember what I've read of Eberron from WotC designers, this is indeed one of Eberron's founding principles. But I have a problem with this idea in Eberron. First: I have no problem with Eberron, itself. At all. This post...
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    What would you do - xp award

    The party is 3 PCs and 4 NPCs (1 NPC party member and her 2 personal bodyguards, and 1 guide). The group is traveling in the wilderness with a wagon, 2 horses, and a mule. They needed to reconnointer an army location, so 2 of the stealth-capable PCs (read: lightly armored and unarmored, but not...
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    On using minis in D&D - approach of AD&D1 vs. D&D3

    The relevant text from the D&D3 and AD&D1 DMGs: * * * Note: although the AD&D1 book doesn't directly state so, it is apparent that the AD&D1 rules were written with the assumption that the players will be using some kind table-top battlefield and miniatures. Most ranges and speeds are written...
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    Balanced encounters - yesterday vs. today

    I've seen numerous references to a supposedly commonly known "fact" of AD&D1 -- that dungeons were more dangerous, not balanced (appropriate) for the levels, etc. (especially compared to D&D3). Here are a few quotes I found with a quick scan through the "Classic dungeons: What makes them great?"...
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    AD&D1 Combat Exercise

    Sample combat with the AD&D1 rules. ******************* The PC: Yrag, the Lord* [I will refer to the Player as "Gary"] Fighter 9 Strength: 18/46 (+1 to hit, +3 damage)** Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 14 Dexterity: 16 (+1 reaction/missile, -2 defense) Constitution: 16 (+2 hit points)...
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    OD&D 4E and its effect on 1E/OD&D

    Not caring about earlier versions of the game is not hostility toward earlier versions of the game. I played earlier versions of D&D, but I prefer the current version of the game. If the next version somehow turns out to be crap, I'll stick with the current version; I won't feel the need to...
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    Why does a published setting need "support"?

    Why does a published setting need "support"? And what is "support," anyway? How big does a setting need to be? A full world? A continent? A single kingdom? A single city? Does a setting need new rules---classes, feats, spells, and such? Would a detailed description (fluff) be enough for a...
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    Class being penalized for doing its thing?

    From a note about the coming new edition: What does this mean in the context of current and previous D&D? How are the various class types "penalized" for doing their thing? I don't understand this comment. Quasqueton
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    Filling holes in the party roster

    If your group of adventurers is short a character position -- missing a healer, missing a blaster, missing a trap-finder, missing a meat shield, just too few in number, whatever -- do the PCs/Players seek out an NPC to fill in the position? Quasqueton
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    Vanilla Essence: 1E Demographics and the Implied Setting

    Restenford, from The Secret of Bone Hill by Lenard Lakofka, for AD&D1 Total population: 173 (not counting young children) 0 level = 114 1st level = 23 2nd level = 17 3rd level = 9 4th level = 5 5th level = 1 6th level = 1 - cleric 7th level = 2 - fighter, druid 8th level = 0 9th level = 1 -...
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    Vanilla Essence: 1E Demographics and the Implied Setting

    Hommlet, from The Village of Hommlet by Gary Gygax, for AD&D1 Total population: 166 (not counting young children) 0 level = 146 1st level = 1 2nd level = 5 3rd level = 4 4th level = 3 5th level = 1 6th level = 2 - cleric, fighter 7th level = 2 - druid, assassin 8th level = 1 - magic-user 9th...