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  1. Rhineglade

    The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: An In-Depth Review

    Nice review. This actually helps put things in perspective. I do love the Feywild and faerie tales but I am NOT a big fan of the negotiating and word play aspect. I suppose most of the earlier adventures tend to be more combat oriented which is my preference. I suppose players/DMs who do...
  2. Rhineglade

    D&D 5E Preview Witchlight's New Rabbit People

    Too many animal folk. I think we're fast approaching the "They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."
  3. Rhineglade

    News Digest for the Week of August 6

    This article reminds me of an age-old issue I have often thought about. What happens to the industry when it becomes oversaturated with too many different products? Or is it "the more competition the better"? Back in the early days, there was always lots of options but since a creator...
  4. Rhineglade

    D&D 5E WotC Explains 'Canon' In More Detail

    I've never understood why this is even a topic of discussion. Who cares what's canon? DMs can adapt their world as they see fit.
  5. Rhineglade

    Dragon Reflections #46

    This always really warms my heart I have to say. So many fond memories of Dragon magazine. Being old school, I've ALWAYS preferred hard copy over digital. Far easier on the eyes and certainly more easily accessible in my opinion. The magazine was simplistic back then but to me that never...
  6. Rhineglade

    D&D 5E Revising Castle Grayhawk for 5e

    I have always preferred "World of Greyhawk" to "Forgotten Realms". It has long been a tradition for WotC to adapt multiple Greyhawk storylines to fit into the Realms. Why not go the other way? I do enjoy the "Dungeon of the Mad Mage." Why not adapt that to fit into Castle Greyhawk? Zagyg...
  7. Rhineglade

    Thread Game: Change/Add/Subtract a Letter, Ruin a D&D Creature

    Hell Hound = Hello Hound. Like Hello Kitty, only better
  8. Rhineglade

    D&D 5E New Unearthed Arcana: Folk of the Feywild!

    The owlfolk sound cool but I'm still holding out for the inevitable wombatfolk.
  9. Rhineglade

    The Horror! of Introducing New Players

    My favorite aspect of teaching newbies, on a VTT format in any case, is how all the players are just so intrigued by every little thing. They love moving their tokens all over the place and all at the same time. "Classroom Management" becomes a definite skill as you try to contain their...
  10. Rhineglade

    D&D 5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    If We the People don't finally get our official "Greyhawk" source book, I am going to revolt. ;)
  11. Rhineglade

    Meet the Daughter of Hideous Laughter

    Sounds like you all might be putting the chicken before the egg. Iggwilv's backstory included her earliest persona as "Tasha," one of the adopted daughters of Baba Yaga. Her motives, methods and reason for the ultimate name change are known by her alone. But she did begin as "Natasha" and...
  12. Rhineglade

    Meet the Daughter of Hideous Laughter

    I remember first hearing her name reading "The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth". The concept that the folk of Perrenland would use the name of Iggwilv to frighten children to behave themselves immediately caught my attention. I thought 'Now THIS is a cool BBEG.'
  13. Rhineglade

    D&D 5E The Gaming Gang Pages Through Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

    If you are familiar with John Carpenter's "The Thing" this adventure is heavily influenced on that. Much of this of course will also depend on how the DM runs the game. If the "Player Character Secrets' are handled correctly, it would be very interesting. Not knowing who you can really trust...