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    D&D 5E Thoughts on a 5e Lizardfolk Monk

    Would you consider doing the same concept with a Tortle? Similar reptile race. More useful stat bonuses, allowing you to make a STR/WIS Monk with a Moderate CON and a minimal DEX/INT/CHA. Higher AC than Lizardfolk, even though you're dumping DEX. Plus... y'know... Ninja Turtles, dude...
  2. RogueJK

    Character experiment

    Yep. No way. Mechanically, a -4 modifier on any stat (even the least-relevant stat for your chosen class) is way too punitive to justify the extra +1 or so modifier on your primary stat over something like point buy, the standard array, or an average rolled stat array. There's really no such...
  3. RogueJK

    Divine Soul Sorcerer Combo

    Yeah, it would be a better option for something like a Sorcadin or Hexblade Sorlock.
  4. RogueJK

    D&D 5E Creating a half-Vampire race

    Have you seen WotC's semi-official 5E Vampire race from Plane Shift: Ixalan? https://media.wizards.com/2018/downloads/magic/plane-shift_ixalan.pdf It's more like a half-vampire, because (for balance reasons) it doesn't have many of the traditional full vampire powers or the full vampire's...
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    D&D 5E Wardlings gets new Campaign Setting book to accompany its miniatures

    I did the same thing with the Boy Druid for my Ghostwise Halfling Moon Druid in 5E.
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    MC Knowledge Cleric + Lore Bard vs Kensei Bladesinger

    Yeah, support characters like multiclassed Cleric/Bards are great for longer campaigns with a larger group and lots of social interaction and skill checks. But for a combat-heavy one-shot, especially with only a few other players, I can see how it would be boring and sometimes frustrating. You...
  7. RogueJK

    D&D 5E 5 Years in: Concentration

    Sure they do. There are spells requiring both attack rolls and saves. Some of them are set up to where the attack roll does one thing, and the target then gets a save to avoid another thing. Several of the Paladin's various Smite spells are examples of this. The end result is that the spell...
  8. RogueJK

    D&D 5E 5 Years in: Concentration

    I think this is very group-dependent. If you're playing with optimizers, Concentration checks may seem to be too easy. Otherwise, they may seem to hard. In my experience, if you build around Concentration, by multiclassing in specific ways, taking feats, focusing on CON as one of your...
  9. RogueJK

    D&D 5E 5 Years in: Concentration

    That's a definitely a good way to expand the number of concentration spells a party can have running, but it's a double-edged sword... Most melee characters (especially tanks) are more likely to get hit, and therefore will be making more Concentration checks, increasing the chances of losing...
  10. RogueJK

    D&D 5E 5 Years in: Concentration

    Another positive for the Concentration mechanic is that it allows you to have things like magic items and class abilities that are similar to existing spells, but which aren't rendered obsolete or less valuable by an existing party member having those spells, since the items/abilities don't...
  11. RogueJK

    Flaming Sphere + Booming Blade

    A couple semi-official options (Pyromancer is from Plane Shift: Kaladesh, and Wildfire Druid is UA)... Option 1: Dispater/Glasya/Levistus Tiefling Hexblade Warlock 1/Pyromancer Sorcerer X (Starting Sorcerer at Level 1 for CON saves.) Focus on CHA, with moderate DEX and CON. Mostly SAD, and...
  12. RogueJK

    D&D 5E Wall of Force

    There are others, such as Clairvoyance or Telepathy. And there are various other spells that also allow you to target an area that you're familiar with or can envision, without having line or sight or a clear path, such as Dimension Door or Project Image. Spell descriptions matters. And...
  13. RogueJK

    D&D 5E Wall of Force

    My point was that requires reading the description, not just taking a rigid stance that any spell that targets another creature always requires a clear path...
  14. RogueJK

    D&D 5E Wall of Force

    Do you rule the same way on spells like Message or Sending? They both target other creatures, therefore to target that creature you must have a clear path to it. Period. No need to read the description of those spells, right? However, if you do read the description, neither one requires...
  15. RogueJK

    D&D 5E Do you allow long rests in the dungeon?

    It depends. A couple rooms into a dungeon, with 90% of the dungeon still uncleared? Not likely. I mean, they can always try, but they almost certainly won't be left alone for 8 straight hours as the remaining residents continue to move about the complex. After the dungeon is cleared? Sure...