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    “I never had any friends later on, like the ones I had when I was sixteen…does anyone?”

    People often say they have a hard time making friends as they get older. Fortunately, playing TTRPG's can be a good way to start making new friends. They can be huge common ground, and as recurring activities, they can lead to lengthy relationships. I'd say find opportunities to play...
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    Adventures with Sieges

    UK3 "The Gauntlet" It's a nice set up. After attacking and capturing a fortress as part of a quest, they then have to defend it against a surprise attack in order to buy time. When I ran it, my players were caught flatfooted, and they had to improvise. Very tense battle and quite fun.
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    Pathfinder 1E Alternatives for Mass-Combat

    This is what I do. I make units and use chits on the battlefield. I swiped this guy's matrix and it works well: http://askthedm.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/a-battle-for-the-ages-mass-combat-in-dd/ I added in morale rules. PCs part of a larger unit tend to get highlight fights, the outcome of...
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    Help with 17th century Europe adventure plots!

    A bunch of war haunted German and Czech mercenaries who are secretly cannibals. The Archbishop has employed them to hunt down witches (tenants of a neighbour the Prelate wants to bankrupt) A Orientalist is back from Istanbul with a pet Sufi "Wizard". They possess the Lost Rose of Omar Khayyam...
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    How often have you gamed in the past year?

    Only about once a month this year, I prefer biweekly. If my game tanks, I'll take a break and then find another group, another game. There's lots of choice.
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    Devil worship as a brand

    I'm an adult, Game of Thrones is the biggest single driver to my tabletop for new players. They are not singularly interested in playing a game set in Westeros, but want a setting that feels real, has politics, intrigue, adventure and magic. Most of them have some grounding in LOTR, many have...
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    Pathfinder 1E Advice Needed: Best way to work with Power Gamers?

    I'll just echo others' suggestions to let them have their fun and be awesome, but to also mix it up, so their strengths aren't always the default tactic. Different kinds of encounters, different kinds of foes, different exigencies. Keep them thinking, keep it fresh.
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    Seeking Advice for Finding Sponsors for Small, Local Convention

    0) Rule zero. Secure the venue and set the date (Done). Give yourself enough time in advance. Start early (June? 61 days? start today!) 1) Come up with different levels of sponsorship: Gold, Silver, Bronze? $100/$300/$500 (or whatever) Each has a different price and each comes with its own...
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    Pathfinder 1E What race would you choose to dominate a setting.

    Humans. Easy buy in. With diverse cultures. Not boring.
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    How Many Hours Do You Usually Spend in a Level?

    Voted 31-40 as a median, but really it varies. L1-L2 can advance rather quickly, but its usually about a 20 hr pace. At L5-L6, advancement slows as XP needed grow so it can take 40 plus. Of course, not all sessions are equal. Encounters vary, monsters vary, adventures vary. There's no standard.
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    Dungeon Level = Monster Level?

    Back then? 1978? Pretty much. Play styles evolve. My current game only has short dungeons, so dungeon "levels" don't figure. And I use a greater range of monster levels, no matter the player level.
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    Cost of D&D Editions, then and now

    IRC, Brick and mortar price for the PHB in Canada was $14.95 in 1979. MM was similar. DMG was more, maybe $18.95 ? I can't recall my allowance. I did do yardwork for 1$ an hour, which eventually became $2. :)
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    If you were paid to be a GM

    "$100 per regularly scheduled 4 hr slot, no HST. We can play twice a month, your place. Travel negotiable. Contract is ongoing, but can be ended at any time by either DM or Player(s). Free initial consultation." Something like that.
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    NPCs vs PCs

    PCs are usually tougher/better/stronger than NPCs, not because of stats, but because of approach. PCs should have the combined arms things down, so working together, they usually punch above their weight. As well, PCs have exceptional character traits-- they are aggressive, creative, proactive...
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    I'm reading Playing At The World - Anyone else read it?

    Every D&D gamer approached the game form the outside at one point. Anyhow, the "fire and forget" Vancian-inspired magic system was largely accepted because ... it worked well as part of a game.