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Recent content by SehanineMoonbow

  1. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D General Have we ever done a god making thread?

    Gods are actually among my favorite aspects of D&D.
  2. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D 6E Should There Be a Core Setting?

    I was going to originally say no, but I settled on undecided, because my feelings are currently mixed.
  3. SehanineMoonbow

    WotC WotC on canon - what's the difference from 3E in the year 2000?

    I can note some differences between the "then and now" declaration. For one thing (and also they seemed to have changed their stance a bit since this declaration, at least until now), despite this statement, novels and other published material (with the exception perhaps of games like BG) were...
  4. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D 5E WotC Explains 'Canon' In More Detail

    I would argue that Salvatore has always done his own thing, regardless of edition lol (he mostly ignores the lore), and that DMs and players have always been able to make the game what they will. And I feel like 5e has been treating the lore willy-nilly, anyway, and making up new things with...
  5. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D General WotC: Novels & Non-5E Lore Are Officially Not Canon

    As an FR fan, I'm not saying they should shut it down, I'm just saying that since their current approach seems to be "clean slate", if they wanted to do that, they should make a new setting, rather than "cleaning slate" with current settings. This doesn't mean getting rid of the old ones...
  6. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D General WotC: Novels & Non-5E Lore Are Officially Not Canon

    (Quoted you both since you said similar things). That is a good point. Many of their in-universe explanations...haven't been great. The rest of my post still stands though. I still feel like they are just trying to handwave (and are being disrespectful and two faced, to boot) and at least with...
  7. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D 5E What is canon about older-edition settings in 5E?

    Lol you're probably right. I just saw this thread first.
  8. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D General WotC: Novels & Non-5E Lore Are Officially Not Canon

    While settings can change and evolve (especially ones that have been around a while), this statement from Crawford--and WotC at large--ignores decades of established lore, and is basically their way of handwaving it all away. I'm not saying they have to adhere to every single canon thing that...
  9. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D 5E What is canon about older-edition settings in 5E?

    Not gonna lie, this recent declaration made me mad; it's two-faced and disrespectful to the creators and writers who have worked for decades on the lore. Sure, there has been inconsistencies and retcons, but this is a bit much, imho. DMs have always been able to make it their own--heck...
  10. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D General Influence of official D&D lore on your home games?

    I said a lot, because one of the things that drew me to D&D is the lore, and it's mostly what I've followed. To me, if you're going to have an established setting (Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun, Planescape, etc), then the lore is important. This doesn't mean you can't tweak/ignore the lore, but in...
  11. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D General Is there an increase in "godless" campaign settings?

    Even though, as others pointed out earlier in this thread, there have long been settings that are godless (or at the very least, their existence is in question), but it does seem like there is more of a leaning these days to, if not entirely remove the gods, then push them further back. Gods...
  12. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D General Gods: What role do they play in your campaigns?

    I love having deities in fantasy (probably why I am drawn to settings like Forgotten Realms, and avoid settings like Dark Sun), so they're an important part of the world to me. I like to have them involved, but also strike a balance of them remaining somewhat mysterious. This will also vary by...
  13. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D 5E When is a dark elf NOT a Dark Elf? (Mechanically and roleplaying purposes)

    Also remember that Lolth isn't the only drow deity. You could involve Eilistraee, or the elven Seldarine. Mechanics wise, i don't really have advice.
  14. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D 5E New WotC Survey! Learn About A New D&D Product!

    I missed the survey, but I'm a little anxious. Oh well, I've kind of pulled away from D&D related stuff for a while (except for CR), which is why I'm only here sporadically.
  15. SehanineMoonbow

    D&D 6E YOU are in charge of the next PHB! What do you change?

    Hmmm...given as I haven't actually played D&D in forever, and am mostly follow things for lore purposes, it is hard to say. I know I would personally like a more lore-centered PHB (though still have room for mechanics and stuff to, you know, help players). I realize this would probably deter...