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    A Review of Swords of the Serpentine

    We played a demo a few years ago now and I'm very glad that there are 4 classes. We only had 3 (IIRC) so one of the four characters seemed extraneous. It was great fun. For us at least it was very Lankhmar.
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    D&D 5E What is Quality?

    5e is clearly a game that works for many people, and presumably does what it was designed to do well, for example it's easy to learn with low overhead and draws in new players really well. It also plays as a spectator sport for all the same reasons. It's not the game I want to play but that...
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    4e design in 5.5e ?

    I was mostly a fan of 4e flawed as it was, and am now getting my 4e-alike fix from Pathfinder 2. Most of the things that I did like in 4e that were discarded for 5e were incorporated in some way in PF2e. I recommend anyone who like me misses the good bits of 4e to check it out... and the SRD is...
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    The Warhammer Fantasy Role Play Starter Set Is A Great Gateway Into A Grim Game

    The one time I tried it many years ago I rolled a beggar and then determined it was mathematically impossible for me to damage the first thing we fought. I think it was a zombie. I was not impressed. I think the GM didn't set expectations very well.
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    D&D 5E Iggwilv/Tasha To Join Volo, Xanathar, and Mordenkainen? [UPDATED!]

    There will be people who claim that Mordenkainen isn't a villain. They will be wrong. :)
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    RPG Writer Zak S Accused Of Abusive Behaviour

    Generally, when someone more powerful is accused of abuse by someone less powerful it's usually true. The accuser almost never gains by the accusation and usually loses overall, and victims are aware of this. If it's something that seems very out of character and there's no other sign of...
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    Check Out The Cover of Swords of the Serpentine From Pelgrane

    I've also played Timewatch at a convention and given that and the general solidity of the Gumshoe rules I expect this to be similarly fantastic.
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    Paizo Releases Pathfinder Playtest Part Four & A Scenario

    I'm in a playtest group and the softcover rules are very valuable. Sure they update stuff but most things are still unchanged and looking up in a paper copy is easy. Knowing what's changed isn't hard.
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    Harassment Policies: New Allegations Show More Work To Be Done

    I have a Chrome plugin that changes 'political correctness' to 'treating people with respect'. It seems particularly appropriate in this thread.
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    D&D 5E Why I Am Starting to Prefer 4d6 Drop the Lowest Over the Default Array.

    Stat envy is when someone else's character is better at what your character's main schtick is than you are. It is trivial to imagine a party where the Bard (primary stat Charisma) has a lower Perform score than several other characters simply because they had a spare 16+ to stick into that stat...
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    Origins Reclaims #3 Biggest Tabletop Gaming Convention Spot

    If you didn't like a DM from Baldman, please please please let him know, and why. He can only keep his DM quality high if he knows what's going on. He can also shuffle DMs to events that their talents suit if he has more info.
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    D&D 5E Why I Am Starting to Prefer 4d6 Drop the Lowest Over the Default Array.

    As the 'upset' person in question, I wouldn't characterize myself as upset in either case. I merely said that I'm not a fan of rolling because it introduces disparity and that's not my preferred playstyle. I also pointed out that both campaigns I play in do mitigate the randomness by allowing at...
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    D&D 5E Why I Am Starting to Prefer 4d6 Drop the Lowest Over the Default Array.

    Yep. Or play a game that actually has some balance by using a non-random character generation method. If you are okay with a party where one person has every stat at 16+ and another has no stat over 8 more power to you, but that doesn't fit my concept of what a cooperative, party-based...
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    D&D 5E Why I Am Starting to Prefer 4d6 Drop the Lowest Over the Default Array.

    I am not a fan of random rolls. It leads to unbalanced characters which can cause hard feelings. You also get things like the person who has no stat over 10... what kind of adventurer is that going to make? The two campaigns I have made characters for both use 4d6 drop lowest, then take the...
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    Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over

    It does seem a little odd that they are all human (or at least not specified as nonhuman) except Dranko still as nonhuman blood. Plowing through it now, still good. :)