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    ZEITGEIST Traffic through Teleportation Circles ADV 6

    We dealt with this recently in my own campaign. The Constables were returning to Citado Cavallo from the surrounding hills (after looking into a little goblin problem). One of my players said, "I'd like to ask around the city to see if anything 'out-of'the-ordinary' has taken place. That led...
  2. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST ZEITGEIST in legacy character builder

    I think the reason you're seeing folks around here asking for 4E related resources is solely due to the fact that those resources are no longer available from Wizards of the Coast.
  3. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Please offer balance and overall feedback for this ZEITGEIST paragon paths

    Last session, the followers of Chesimox attacked. The Constables put the camp on alert and ventured forth to battle the oncoming hoard. . .including 40 minions. My Vekeshi player asked me to clarify how Vision of the Fall worked, realizing that it had the potential to remove all 40 minions in...
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    ZEITGEIST Running the railroad challenge ADV 6

    Rush and Merton ride from near to the party's encampment, attack the head of the followers of Chesimox and then flee, covering their escape by magical means so that the undead will follow their arrival trail, leading them back to the party's encampment. The encounter takes place once the...
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    ZEITGEIST Zetgeist 4e: How Many Players

    I started with a party of 5, but lost a player fairly soon after starting. I have been running the adventures as written quite successfully with only 4 players. I imagine that 6 players will require a bit of tweaking.
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    ZEITGEIST Sneak peek

    I cannot seem to turn the virtual pages of this sneak preview. 🥴
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    ZEITGEIST Spoilers - Renaming a landmark

    I was also thinking along these lines. If the Constables led the Colossus out to sea via the canal, this seems very appropriate. Titan's March or Titan's Run both work. Colossus Canal is a mouthful.
  8. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST [Chapter 6] Cantabrilla Challenge

    Currently running the Cantabrilla rail challenge for my group and designed this little tracker to make things easier. I used a program called Hex Kit by the awesome Cecil Howe at C O N E. Note: Rio la Heffa is listed at Mile 132 in the adventure, which also says that the tunnel through Serra...
  9. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Questions regarding non-combat encounters (Spoilers)

    I ran this for a group consisting of 4 new players and 1 player that had played D&D before, so it was important for me to be very explicit about the types of things they could attempt and which skills would be helpful in those tasks. BUT, i was also sure to let them know that they could attempt...
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    ZEITGEIST Best actual play for Zeitgeist?

  11. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Bracer of Liberty?

    Hello, There's a magic item listed in Chapter 6 that doesn't seem to appear anywhere else in the text. Bracer of Liberty, which seems to have a similar effect to the fire the Glaucia utilizes in her court proceedings. Was the intention that she wears this item? Thanks, Shimrath.
  12. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Adventure 5, Part 4 Clarifications (4E) [SPOILERS].

    It appears the ritual was intended to last 30 minutes in the original 4E version of Adventure 5. It also clearly states that a naval round lasts 5 minutes, so the encounter would require surviving 6 naval rounds for ritual completion. So, that answers #3! The appearance of witchoil creatures...
  13. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Adventure 5, Part 4 Clarifications (4E) [SPOILERS].

    I am using the hardcover pdf. I will compare it to the stand alone version tonight and see if that gives any additional insight.
  14. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST Adventure 5, Part 4 Clarifications (4E) [SPOILERS].

    Hello! Gearing up to run The Battle of Bosum Strand, but i've noticed some contradictory information. I would like to get clarification before i run the encounter to be sure it is as challenging as intended. 1. Under the stat-block for the Colossus, it says: "If the colossus takes 4 or more...
  15. Shimrath

    ZEITGEIST How to make an Eschatologist Bomb

    This is fantastic!!!