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    General Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access

    The NPCs are amazing. Only Astarion I can't stand and find irritating. All the others, I find very engaging in different ways. Shadowheart rocks. But she also dies, a lot, sadly. I saw a post from Larian saying she was the only NPC to die more frequently than the main PC...
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    Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden -- A Comprehensive Review

    One things for sure - they certainly like a beer or two, particularly in Bremen! (Five taverns for a population of 150)
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    Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden -- A Comprehensive Review

    I wouldn't leave it to chance. I plan to involve the PCs in both starter quests but not from day one. They'll hear about the murders first and then get approached a bit later, maybe when they make their own enquiries someone will tip them off that a dwarf bounty hunter in (insert convenient town...
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    5E Running Rime of the Frost Maiden

    The other sources are not 'needed' but they certainly make things a lot easier to flesh out, since we're talking about existing lore and published adventures
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    5E Running Rime of the Frost Maiden

    I'm shocked by how much Icewind Dale information is left out of the book - looking at the 'Encounters of the Week' for DnD Beyond is highly recommended to collate all these sources. Biggest shocker for me is that there is a far more detailed section on Bryn Shander in Storm King's Thunder than...
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    5E Icewind Dale Preview: The Panopticon

    Strikes me as having a 'Beyond the Wall' (or rather at the wall) Game of Thrones vibe...
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    WotC Adventure Begins: A New Dungeons and Dragons Boardgame

    This looks a great intro for kids! Shame mine are still way too young. I might pick it up and stash it somewhere for a few years!
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    5E Avernus Any Good?

    Yes, it's a shame more of the module was not based in Baldur's Gate although there are plenty of hooks there in that section. Way too many to fit into the campaign itself. I added in a few extra encounters and they worked pretty well, although one was stock from the book (Dead Three murder...
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    5E Tomb of Annihilation campaign recaps

    I don't have the module on Roll20, I'm just pasting in images and snapping to grids for maps etc. and using the free token sets. I do have it on DnD Beyond which is where I can get the maps etc. If you don't own it digitally at all, then you'll need to improvise a bit more or scan things in.
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    5E Tomb of Annihilation campaign recaps

    I've returned to this campaign using Roll20, after we switched campaign for the face to face game for a while to Avernus. About to do session 31. The party are still not in the Tomb yet (Shagambi's shrine took three attempts...). Mainly posting here to note that because they were captured by...
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    General Best "out of the box" ready to run adventures/modules?

    I had that one, back in the old days. The days before I sold all my AD&D and games stuff first time out...:cry:
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    General Best "out of the box" ready to run adventures/modules?

    You've got to be kidding me!! This is the one that requires the most pre-prep out of all of the adventures I've bought! That is, if you want the players and DM to enjoy it, I guess.
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    5E strong smelling books

    I had it with Tomb of Annihilation - but none of the others! ToA still smells faintly after a couple of years, but doesn't bother me any more.
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    General Hey, are we all cool with having to buy the same book twice, or what?

    Wizards of the Coast and DnD Beyond are separate entities - are you suggesting it would be good for Wizards to refuse to license their material to DnD Beyond and force it to stick to the freely available stuff only?
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    General Rolling HPs

    Odds are against a roll being better than taking the (rounded up) average so 90% of the time my players take the average. There have been rolls - one guy rolled low, but then stuck with it and rolled max at the next level. I've seen some people posting here they would allow a reroll on HP rolls...