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    DB for C#?

    While this entire forum is essentially dead, and I uploaded this program more than ten years ago, there HAVE been a few downloads recently (three of the current 11 total downloads were within the past 13 months), so there is still at least some interest in DB. That being said, I've been...
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    The Other Game Company Website down

    I figured my comments about the website being down in my other posting warranted a separate thread. :) About once every 6-8 months I've been checking your website on the off chance that you've actually released DB World. Stefan, I'm presuming that tOgc finances are why the website is down...
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    Questions about 'Infiltration' Special Quest

    Stefan, I'm posting this here since tOgc's website doesn't appear to be available any more. When starting the Infiltration quest, at what point does the Random Encounter Turn Tracker kick in? 1> As soon as the first person breaks out of their bonds and starts moving to the door to try and...
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    DB and the 4E Game System License

    Keeping the Thread Alive I'm double-posting specifically because I feel that this thread needs to be kept alive, at least until Stefan reads it, and the only person with the ability to make it a sticky thread is AWOL. I, for one, appreciate the level of effort that Stefan has put into his...
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    DB and the 4E Game System License

    Having just now DLed & read the new GSL, I was quite dismayed by the OGL Conversion clause. Stefan, have you had a chance to read this yet, and if so, do you still intend to update DB for 4E? For those who haven't yet read the new 4E GSL, Section 6 requires that any product converted from 3.x...
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    [DB] Resting

    And don't forget the optional Survival roles to possibly reduce the chance of that random encounter. BTW, Stefan, a clarification: Does success on the Survival role adjust the TARGET number for an encounter, or the position on the Turn Tracker?
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    Playtesters for Dungeon Bash World - apply here

    Petition for Playtester Status I would be most interested in playtesting the urban aspect of the system. Part of why I'm interested in this area is that for several of my standard DB games, I've had an NPC smith character(s) created using the Expert NPC class, and/or "Buy the Numbers" to...
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    DB Advanced Dungeon Generator Questions

    I like the advanced tables, but I often wind up not using them. I play solo, and I don't have much space to spread out, so I use AutoREALM as my gaming table. It becomes VERY cumbersome to add all of the little features as I go while using mapping software. The trade off is effort vs. detail...
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    Paging Stefan! Are you OK?

    Good to finally hear from you. There's a reason why I never started a small business myself. Some of us (myself included in this group) are not cut out for that kind of work/working environment. Any idea when your revenue stream will be enough to hire a personal assistant or press secretary...
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    Paging Stefan! Are you OK?

    The DB expansions remain at the top of my anticipated list also. All would be well if there had been an announcement that he was going dark for a while to concentrate on getting DB Urban finished, but this dead silence is worrisome.
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    Paging Stefan! Are you OK?

    I noticed this post at the end of the Item Cards thread (from the first of October), and I'm concerned also. I got an e-mail from Stefan back on 08-13 saying that he'd just gotten back from a vacation and would soon be looking at something I'd posted. Since then, there have been no updates to...
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    Opponents File

    Gnoll Rangers I noticed that the Gnoll Ranger 5 shows Studded Leather +1, but he's only getting +3 AC from it. This trend of shortchanging his AC by 1 goes back to the Gnoll Ranger 2 who only gets +2 from his Mwk Studded Leather, and continues through ALL subsequent Gnoll Rangers.
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    Opponents File

    OOPS. I keep forgetting about the +1 Skill bonus that Humans get. So the fighters DO get full ranks in all 3 skills, but the armor check penalties still need to be accounted for. Corrected, with Shield: Human Fighter 1: Climb +0, Jump +0, Swim -6 Human Fighter 2: Climb +1, Jump +1, Swim -5...
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    Opponents File

    Human Fighters The Human Fighter 1 has skills that come out almost perfectly; 4 points in Swim, 2 each in Climb and Jump, STR 15 (+2), and Scale Mail armor (-4 penalty) would produce Climb +0, Jump +0, and Swim -2 (listed on Opponents.RTF as Swim +0; Armor penalties count double for swim)...
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    Opponents File

    Getting Back to Opponents.RTF Errors Stefan, you gave Human Clerics 2 Skill Points/Level with 8 @ 1st. They only qualify for 1 / Level & 4 @ 1st due to an 8 INT (-1). I think since they've got Combat Casting that I'll put 1 point each into Spellcraft & Knowledge (Religion), rather than leave...