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    The Quest for the "One True System" Is It a Myth or Something More?

    One system to rule them all... Yeah, impossible when we all have different tastes. It is why I crafted my own RPG system. It is as perfect as humanly possible... For what *I* want to do. For others? Not so much. For example, it is tied heavily to my fantasy world. Now while some might enjoy...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    THE END! And now Enzi's Irregulars is officially complete. You can read the whole series at: The sourth and last free e-book collection of the updates is available at: Thanks all! Now it is time to work on my...
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    Favourite Non-D&D games?

    I can not imagine running a game that is not my homebrew system (6th Age of Doulairen) anymore. As far as playing in a game, I am a bit more open. I might do SW Saga, maybe a Shadowrun one shot. Maybe even a 3rd Ed D&D one shot (Yes, I know OP was of other systems than D&D - but I honestly...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    The third FREE e-book collection of the updates is now available! Also feel free to check out my novel at: and now also at...
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    16 Questions about the new Flint & Steel RPG

    Actually this sounds similar to the system I created for my gaming world. It is d20 based - you spend the experience you gain to get better. No classes, no levels. The one thing I learned about this was how much some people LOVE the structure of classes. So I stole an idea from ANOTHER similar...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    Hey Hey folks, coming up on the one year anniversary! (July the 4th!) However, I am currently doing an AMA on Reddit about my writings! Come join in! or Smoss
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    Upcoming video features; Forbes on D&D; PLUS Is sexism in gaming a problem?

    This can be a loaded question - And in that the answer is truly - It depends. What gaming? Published rules (D&D, PF, SW, etc)? You can make a case for some as very much yes, some very much no. Gaming culture? That depends on location. One gaming place I know of creeped out my female friends...
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    Do You Read This News?

    The front page is often the ONLY page I use. Sometimes I check the forums, but since I care more about general RPG stuff going on, the news is what is important. Having left D&D and other commercial systems behind for my own system makes me an odd reader I guess. :) I do quite enjoy news of...
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    Racism in your game?

    My current campaign world is very much human based (Monsters are rare and a waning force). Dislike of different human cultures (racism) was actually built into my world as a core concept. Certain cultures really don't agree with each other. :) Of course, I also wanted to turn things a bit...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    Forty uninterrupted weeks of serial fantasy adventure fiction only means one thing... Another FREE collection on Smashwords! Go get it here: Smoss
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    Trying out new systems

    I used to try new systems all the time. After I finished my own RPG system though, I find myself having difficulty using any other. I want to pick apart each system's flaws... Guess Ive gotten old and set in my ways now with the system I love. :) Smoss --------------------- Check out my...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    Spring has sprung! And I have published a new novel based in the world of Doulairen (The same world where Enzi's Irregulars adventure!) Heir to Agon Currently available on Smashwords at: Smoss
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    World Building and real world history

    My world history has several things in common with "Earth" history. I reference a lot of well known cultures so that people can "understand" the world. When I mention that the Nuvroci culture is similar to ancient roman culture, people immediately feel comfortable with me talking about their...
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    Making my own system; suggestions for spell effects?

    In my magic system, I generalized effects down to a very simple level - not sure if it will be useful - but hey, maybe it will give you ideas. Area (This determines if it is a ray, touch, AoE, etc) Duration (Fairly obvious) Meta (For metamagic style affects - Casting silent, still, etc for 3e...
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    Armor Class vs. Damage Reduction - Your preference

    Like the OP, I started in 2e and went to 3e. I was building my own systems before 3e came as 2e didn't do what I wanted. I started with multiple ACs (armor Class and Defense Class). Similar to the direction SW Saga and 4e went. This worked, but wasn't good enough. When 3e came, I liked it a...