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    Heritage of Dragonsreach (UPDATED September 4, 2007)

    New Arrivals Perhaps an hour after our return to the village, Kyril returned and we reported to her what had befallen us. She was appalled to hear of the dragon skeleton, which she hadn’t seen before going to fetch us. When she asked how we defeated it, I replied, “It was a blessing of the Lady...
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    Whats your player payoff?

    What he said.
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    The Son of the Whiney Player thread

    Just because he may have some type of cognitive disorder doesn't mean he shouldn't still be held accountable for his behavior. It's been my impression - not being an expert here, but I have worked with developmentally disabled adults in the past - that sometimes you can actually be more blunt...
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    "Previously on..." - Recapping the previous session

    Thanks for all the responses, everyone. I was curious how my group's handling of recapping compared with other groups, and it's given me some interesting things to think about. We recap every session, even if we play weekly. I record our sessions, and on many occasions the recap takes from 15 -...
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    Old Master Bug List.

    I know this one's been mentioned elsewhere in Meta, but I thought I'd throw it in here: When attempting to edit a very long post, I get this message: The following errors occurred when this message was submitted: 1. Please complete both the subject and message fields. Press the back button...
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    A Journey to the Sea (Greyhawk) UPDATED 7 February 2008

    Letter 48, pt. 1 4th Ready'reat Zeir-i-Zeif Dearest brother; As I told you in my last letter, the innkeeper Kouroush had arranged for us to meet someone who formerly belonged to the Black Flame cult. At the appointed time, Kouroush introduced us to a man named Babak. He seemed to know a...
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    World of Warcraft Collectible Minis Game announced

    Didn't somebody do some WoW minis already? Not CMG, just some generic character minis. And what about Reaper's Legendary Encounters? Don't they count as competition for DDM? I hope the WoW minis are of a scale suitable for use in RPGs. My friends and I like a big variety. We use some DDM...
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    "Previously on..." - Recapping the previous session

    For the GMs out there, do you recap your previous session when you begin a new session of an ongoing campaign? How long do you spend recapping if you do? Do you do the recap yourself or have the players do it? I'm just curious. I realize that this may be impacted by how often you play, so...
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    Anagram names

    We had a good one in a campaign several years ago - an NPC named Sidney Adpool. Sidney Adpool = Deadly Poison ;)
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    How often to characters get a full attack in your campaign?

    We do the same. It usually doesn't slow combat down that much because we commonly don't have a lot of characters with iterative attacks.
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    Poll on starting ages for RPG?

    1994. I was 34 years old. That'll skew your results! :D
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    There's No Wrong Way to Roleplay

    I understand where you're going with this, I think. But I have two points to make in response: 1) A roleplaying game isn't real life, and the player is not his character. Alignment helps to define a character's personality and should help to determine how you feel the character should be...
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    A Journey to the Sea (Greyhawk) UPDATED 7 February 2008

    Letter #47 Patv: “So, nothing happened last time, nothing at all.” Sniffles: “Just like always!” ------------------------ Patv: “Let’s summarize. No, no, that takes too long.” 24th Patchwall Zeir-i-Zeif Dearest brother; I'm sorry my last letter ended on such a dismal note. As it turned out...
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    Edit an overlong post

    I maintain a group of Story Hours, and I like to indicate in the thread titles when I've updated them. But since the development that prevents overlong posts from being edited, I can't update the thread title of one of my Story Hours. I attempted to delete some of the text to shorten the...
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    Shadows of Greatness, a Forgotten Realms campaign UPDATED February 1, 2008

    Life After Death After my experience with Sir Tyrion's living sword, Covenant's remark did not take me by surprise. But of course I was as eager as my friends to learn how my wife and her traveling companions had returned to life. When we had been escorted to a private chamber in the temple...