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    Can Anybody Help Me Find a Map of a Treetop Village?

    I'm working up an adventure set in a treetop village, someplace like the ewok village from Return of the Jedi except with Bar-lgura demons. Can anybody point me to a tactical-scale map of anything like that? Something I plunk tokens and use with Roll20.net? Or, can anybody think of a...
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    Help Me Set Up a Mass Combat Involving Dinosaurs and Robots

    The PC's in my 4E game are 8th level. It's a rainy day, and I'm starting to think about what to do when they reach the end of the heroic tier. The answer is obvious: A mass combat involving robots mounted on dinosaurs fighting invaders from the Far Realm. From a story perspective, this won't...
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    4E WotC this is something you absolutely cannot screw up in 5E like you screwed up in 4E

    I don't care for using the scientific names in D&D because I think it raises too many nit-picky issues about how real dinosaurs actually lived versus how iconic "lost world" dinosaurs lived: "There's no such thing as a brontosaurus!" "Apatosaurus didn't live in swamps!" "Velociraptors had...
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    Help me rejigger an encounter in Tamoachan (C-1)

    For some time now, I've been running the 4E conversion of C-1, Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. My players have finally made it to the uppermost tier of the dungeon, and we stopped play at Room 48: The Hound of the Bat. As written, this is a fairly ho-hum encounter. There's a basin full of...
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    First Impressions?

    I'm stuck at work and won't be downloading any playtest documents until this evening. Those of you who are more fortunate, what do you think?
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    Quick Beholder Question

    The bog standard level 9 beholder has the following power as a triggered action: Random Eye * Ray At-Will Trigger: The beholder is conscious and an enemy starts its turn within 5 squares of it. Effect (No Action): The beholder uses one random eye ray against the triggering enemy. Am I correct...
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    Anybody know anything about Kalka-Kylla? (From Tamoachan)

    I'm running the 4E conversion of Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan now, and I'm interested in any mythology that might flesh out the various inhabitants of the Shrine. Most of the opponents in Tamoachan have some antecedent in Mesoamerican myth/history. Does anybody know if this applies to...
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    Help with an NPC assassin?

    I'm statting up an NPC assassin for my current game. It'll be a level 10 elite skirmisher. I'm looking for some sort of minor or interrupt power I can give it for a little extra combat oomf. Preferably, I'm looking for something with either shadowy or devilish flavor (the assassin has ties to...
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    Boots, high, hard?

    A question that has nagged at me since 1988: what's the deal with all the boots in the 1E PHB? You can buy high, hard boots; high, soft boots; low, hard boots; or low, soft boots. What difference does it make? Is that difference spelled out somewhere in the PHB or DMG?
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    4E A thought on WotC's imperative to continue to digitally support 4e.

    I run a 4E game using a 3rd party VTT (d20 Pro). I game with my browser open to the Compendium. It's early, but based on what I've heard so far, I'm fairly meh about 5E. I think it would be a good move on WotC's part to keep the 4E DDI stuff archived and available to subscribers, I have no...
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    Have the Damage Expressions from Page 42 Been Updated?

    I know the skill DC's from page 42 have been updated several times, and an updated version of them is in the Rules Compendium. Were the damage expressions also updated? If so, where can I find the updated versions?
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    Help Me Think Up a Test of Justice

    My PC's are exploring an ancient temple devoted to Bahamaut. I to run them through a non-combat "Test of Justice" -- something the old priests of Bahamut would have used to test the faithful, back in the day. I don't have any idea at all where to start. Do y'all?
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    DM Rewards: Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

    I recall that several months ago, WotC announced it was producing a 4E version of the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. Has that happened yet?
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    Help Design an Encounter with a Giant Eel

    My PC's have decided to hunt giant Eels, and I'm a little flummoxed as to how to set that up. They're sixth level. They have access to a fair-sized boat and at least one ballista. I haven't statted out the giant eel yet, but it'll probably be an elite or solo. It lives in a coral reef a...
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    4E Do you really want Greyhawk and Dragonlance for 4e

    I do not. I have no beef with Greyhawk or Dragonlance, but I want to see something new.