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    Congratulations to the 2020 ENnies Winners!

    Wow, I feel foolish. My Tales from the Loop rulebook just came in with a big 'ol sticker on it saying it won an Ennie in 2017. Didn't realize it had been around that long. Also interesting to know the publisher has to submit their product for consideration. Thought others could submit it for...
  2. Stormonu

    D6 Things to Do with RPGs Besides Play Them

    8) Reference work for high school Term Paper ....I used the 1E Unearthed Arcana for a term paper on knights 9) Starting point for research ...The Legends of the Five Rings, 7th Seas and Twilight 2000 spurred my interest in subject matters (Japanese history/language, 15th century Europe and...
  3. Stormonu

    Congratulations to the 2020 ENnies Winners!

    Hmm. Nothing from Piazo for PF/PF2/Starfinder, and only one product (and PDF at that) for WotC. Interesting times. I am glad to see Alien got best RPG. That game deserves it. I have a Kids on Bike free RPG day book in front of me, but I have found I like the tone of Tales from the Loop much...
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    General Art that defined D&D for you

    Well, I suppose I should first show the one my avatar is based on.... Or, as I like to call it, Ringlerun the later years. (I associate with Ringlerun more than Kalak) But this will be the one that always comes to mind Players: "We slew a dragon!" DM: "Suuure you did." In fact, it sort...
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    5E Is the Poison Spray Cantrip any good?

    With a lot of cantrips having riders, I do wish the cloud lingered until your next turn - do damage to the initial target and anything that ends/moves through the cloud possibly takes the damage.
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    General How long does a body take to decompose in a bag of holding?

    That isn't satanic, the British pickled Nelson's body (in brandy, not salt, though) after Traflagar so they could get him home for burial. My group currently has a Kenku Necromancer who stores his skeletons in his bag (instead of a closet). After his most recent acquisitions, I went with the...
  7. Stormonu

    5E Is the Poison Spray Cantrip any good?

    We had someone use it religiously up to at least 5th level as their default attack. It's no worse than any other cantrip, but can depend on the enemy your fighting (and thus, DM selection).
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    5E D&D without ability scores and separating Ancestry & Culture

    Something needs to be done to further differentiate armors, or you might as well reduce it to one per AC. You've also killed the idea of concepts such as Swashbucklers, who depend on their quickness instead of heft of armor.
  9. Stormonu

    5E Brainstorm - stories to tell with WotC's new position on various folk (fka "race")

    For any of this to work, sometimes you have to tweak the lore. It may very well be "they can only eat sentient brains" is a myth, perpetrated by their own kind because they don't want to bother trying something else. Mind flayers have several traits in common with the magog of the Andromeda...
  10. Stormonu

    5E Brainstorm - stories to tell with WotC's new position on various folk (fka "race")

    I think it's actually a good germ of an idea. A group of ten towns has been lorded over by a Sheriff of Nottingham sort of character, and has finally been removed by the crown. Unfortunately, the former Sheriff as part of his activities bled the area dry of funds for a proper replacement, and...
  11. Stormonu

    5E Curse of Strahd - What am I missing? (Possible spoilers?)

    I couldn't disagree more. I will never use level-draining abilities in D&D again, even if I go back to older editions. I may use something that makes PC's slighter weaker until they can recover (exhaustion, temporarily lock off abilities, etc.), but the both the book-keeping nightmare of level...
  12. Stormonu

    5E Curse of Strahd - What am I missing? (Possible spoilers?)

    Whatever you plans, the Dark Powers will be sure to unravel them. They're not there to make the PCs lives miserable, they're there to make the Dark Lord miserable - fearful, never sure of his own abilities or powers. I've run Ravenloft since 1E, and whenever I mention it to players, there's...
  13. Stormonu

    5E Giant Boulder vs. Immovable Rod

    You said Strength checks can stop the boulder? Give the Rod a Strength score for this action, say 30. If it holds, it will stop the boulder. Fails, either it overloads the magic in some way or pushes it further along where it makes another Strength check, possibly stopping the boulder further...
  14. Stormonu

    WotC Dungeons & Dragons Fans Seek Removal of Oriental Adventures From Online Marketplace

    I'm sort of used to it to the point I ignore it anymore. I mean, Hollywood's been around how long?
  15. Stormonu

    5E Barbarian wants to damage himself to keep rage going

    Well, in older D&D versions, beserkers with shields were called "shieldbiters". I also like the idea of biting one's lip to keep rage going. Could also see a beserker clan using a large metal pin or bone needle they pierce themselves with (doing say, 1 hp damage/round) to keep their rage going...