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  1. Systole

    Pathfinder 1E [LPF] Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

    A medium length adventure for Living Pathfinder, designed for four or five characters of 6-7th level. GM: Systole Judge: Mowgli Heroes: <None Yet!> I will make initiative rolls, saving throws, and perception checks if it moves the adventure along quickly. Otherwise, players will...
  2. Systole

    Advanced Class Guide

    Just a final voting and approval for the Advanced Class Guide. I vote YES, with the following caveats: 1. The 1st level Scribe Scroll ability for Skald is replaced by the Extra Bardsong feat. 2. Archetypes which are granted firearm proficiency are not allowed. 3. Grit feats are available for...
  3. Systole

    Proposal: Lore Warden

    I'd like to propose Lore Warden as a fighter archetype for LPF. Basically, it's one of the only archetypes based around a smart but non-magical warrior.
  4. Systole

    [LPF] Evil Unto Evil

    A medium length adventure for Living Pathfinder, designed for four 8th level characters. GM: Systole Judge: Glasseye Heroes: @perrinmiller : Tyrien e’Adrianne, Fighter 6/Bard 1/Arcane Archer 1 31 Dec 2013 - 44777 xp @Satin Knights : Kalgor, Summoner 6/Ranger 1/Wizard 1 31 Dec 2013 - 44865 xp...
  5. Systole

    Kingmaker Solo Campaign

    Lord Gabbiano nods and rings a small bell. His elven servant reappears after a moment. "Finia will show you to the library. Meanwhile, the three of us have to discuss a few last minute details -- financing, dispensations of crews and so forth. We'll see you again shortly." The elf guides...
  6. Systole

    Kingmaker Solo Campaign

    "A direct route is about 1500 leagues, but that's across the open ocean. Ships usually take a southerly route so they can resupply along the central island, which increases the journey to about 1800 leagues, but it's a far safer and less demanding trip that way. The southern route generally...
  7. Systole

    Kingmaker Solo Campaign

    This is a solo campaign for Satin Knights to be GMed by Systole. This adventure uses Kingmaker rules and is set in the world of E'n/LPF, and will use NPCs and locations from that setting. However, this adventure is explicitly non-canon, and does not take place in that shared world. To repeat...
  8. Systole

    Pathfinder 1E Anyone else underwhelmed by the RPGSS entries?

    Paizo posted the Top 32 items from their RPG Superstar contest. Having looked through about 3/4 of them, I have to say I was more than a little disappointed. I think there were about three that I liked out of the 20 or 25 I read. The rest of them seemed situational, way too complicated, or...
  9. Systole

    [LPF] Tower of Power

    A dungeon-based adventure for Living Pathfinder, designed for 4-6 1st level characters. Players can expect to be second level by adventure's end. GM: Systole Judge: Satin Knights Heroes: @omnitricks : Paskell (Tengu Rogue 1) @SpicyWaffle : Dane Mazelo (Human Fighter 1) @Commander_Fallout ...
  10. Systole

    Proposal: Born Rider trait

    Born Rider (Regional, Pell): You gain a +1 trait bonus on Handle Animal and Ride checks. Two minor bonuses to skills that have a lot in common, doesn't make anything a class skill, seems very appropriate for Pell. I'm voting YES.
  11. Systole

    We should have a welcome sticky

    It just occurred to me that we don't have a "Welcome n00b" thread/sticky that details who we are and what we do, and has links to relevant locations. Anyone want to do the honors? Or collaborate on a nice intro?
  12. Systole

    Character Submission Thread

    I see what you mean. I can find mostly clothed ones that are stern, or mostly nekkid ones that are smiling. Tough to find smiling and not stripperiffic together. I did dredge up a few more, though. I actually kind of like the last one here, although it's a little Warcraft-y.
  13. Systole

    Character Submission Thread

    Couldn't find an exact match, but here are a few that are sort of close.
  14. Systole

    Pathfinder 1E Furious Finish ... or not?

    I've got a barbarian that's approaching level 7, at which point I need to decide whether I'm going for Vital Strike -> Furious Finish or not. I'm building toward a Horizon Walker rage cycler at level 9, so my barbarian could potentially Furious Finish every round. Assuming 26 ragestrength (20...
  15. Systole

    D&D 4E Poll about your interest in 4e

    Tried it, hated it, never went back.