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    WotC Ray Winninger Is Head of D&D RPG Team; Mike Mearls No Longer Works on RPG

    Mearls new position is probably a promotion. Not payback for the early days of 4E.
  2. TerraDave

    5E Temple of Elemental Evil is the next Original Adventures Reincarnated

    There use to be all sorts of advice online...how to find it all these years latter I wonder. Moathouse and Nulb are very good. One advantage of the scope of the mines is that it is very open and can be pretty PC driven. You do need to strongly hint that its not about "clearing", its about...
  3. TerraDave

    5E Temple of Elemental Evil is the next Original Adventures Reincarnated

    They are next to each other and share a common wilderness area, largely detailed in Forgotten Temple. They both also turn it up to 11. Way back when, I ran these together after Ravenloft. All set in Transylvania, of course.
  4. TerraDave

    5E Temple of Elemental Evil is the next Original Adventures Reincarnated

    With some hinting by me and their own growing impatience, the party eventually water-walked to the middle part. I don't know if they did a third of the outer mines. In any case, this news is very exciting. (And worthy of my first post on these boards in ages.)
  5. TerraDave

    2E AD&D 2e - Player's Options ?

    Used all of them. It was a learning experience. Just because something looks cool on paper... As noted upthread, the customizable races and classes could be good for the DM, but very unbalanced and just whacky in the hands of the players. Especially with subability scores (which were also...
  6. TerraDave

    5E Nobody Is Playing High Level Characters

    All those changes, and the sweet spot and feel are pretty much the same. 4E worked the hardest to address this, and we did get to level 20. But there the problem became too much of the same feel, but with ever changing powers and growing numbers.
  7. TerraDave

    PF2E Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    I think there are ways the sales figures affect you.
  8. TerraDave

    PF2E Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    Boy have I been busy lately...thanks for starting this thread. A little disappointed in the fade. But historically mid 500s is stil strong. We have to see how it holds up as people play it. The sustained performance of the Phb on the other hand is just amazing.
  9. TerraDave

    TSR Young Jim Ward and the Dice Monster

    Just seeing this now. Great stuff, but of course there is more to the Dragon Dice story...
  10. TerraDave

    Who in the World is James M. Ward?

    its cool. I look forward to confirming ENWorld's reputation. ;)
  11. TerraDave

    Bending the wall of fire

    Circle and straight line only? Can a wall of fire have some bend to it?
  12. TerraDave

    Yes Virginia, there is a Great Cthulhu

    Something I like to occasionally share at this special time of year. Dear Editor-     I am 8 years old.  Some of my little friends say there is no Great Cthulhu.  Papa says, "If you see it on Alt.Horror.Cthulhu, it's so," Please tell me the truth, is there a Great Cthulhu who will rise...
  13. TerraDave

    SF You Can Now Pre-Order The Starfinder Beginner Box

    It will be great if they present a simplified version of the rules.
  14. TerraDave

    Buff Polymorph

    As far as I can tell, for buffing use, this spell allows the caster to turn the target (including self) into either: 1) Any critter of the same CR as that targets level. 2) A creature the caster is familiar with into a comparable CR (which is normally lower then level). So, which one? And...
  15. TerraDave

    There is a lot of stuff out for D&D right now, and sales are doing fine (Amazon)

    Those are some strong numbers, but my favorite is this: