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    Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    I think there are ways the sales figures affect you.
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    Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    Boy have I been busy lately...thanks for starting this thread. A little disappointed in the fade. But historically mid 500s is stil strong. We have to see how it holds up as people play it. The sustained performance of the Phb on the other hand is just amazing.
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    Bending the wall of fire

    Circle and straight line only? Can a wall of fire have some bend to it?
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    Yes Virginia, there is a Great Cthulhu

    Something I like to occasionally share at this special time of year. Dear Editor-     I am 8 years old.  Some of my little friends say there is no Great Cthulhu.  Papa says, "If you see it on Alt.Horror.Cthulhu, it's so," Please tell me the truth, is there a Great Cthulhu who will rise...
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    Buff Polymorph

    As far as I can tell, for buffing use, this spell allows the caster to turn the target (including self) into either: 1) Any critter of the same CR as that targets level. 2) A creature the caster is familiar with into a comparable CR (which is normally lower then level). So, which one? And...
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    There is a lot of stuff out for D&D right now, and sales are doing fine (Amazon)

    Those are some strong numbers, but my favorite is this:
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    There is a lot of stuff out for D&D right now, and sales are doing fine (Amazon)

    As always, this is overall sales rank. PHB 56 DMG 79 MM 109 XGtE 130 D&D SS 222 VGtM 154 MtoF 294 ... GMGtR 215 WDDH 496 WDDotMM 669 D&D A&A 473
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    Sending yourself somewhere, but not really

    Outside Astral Projection, has D&D had spells that allowed you to project an image of yourself far away? I am not sure. I can't think of it, but there have been a lot of spells and magic items over the years.
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    A new edition of Vampire in Stores?

    The "fifth" edition of Vampire is supposed to be showing up in stores. Wondering if anyone has seen it, or has thoughts on it.
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    4 years of 5E on Amazon: same old same old

    4 years ago today the 5E Starter Set was released. It has been in the top 1000 of all books being sold ever since, easily making it one of the best selling RPG products of the last dozen years or so. Well, except for a few others... Overall sales rank on Amazon, as of this posting: PHB 44 DMG...
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    Mounted get away

    If I understand the RAW correctly, a character could... 1) get on a horse and ride away on it in the same round they could also 2) do 1 and ride away (via the horse disengaging) from adjacent enemies they could also 3) stand up from prone and combine with 1 and or 2. 4) get on that...
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    Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes 10th best selling book on preorder

    Some new categories to dominate. Usual suspects also doing well: PHB #53 DMG #133 MM #143 XGtE #103 (over 50% off!) VGtM #364 (#4 in reference!)
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    5E Can you locate multiple objects of the same type with "locate object"?

    Just what the subject says. If you cast locate object to find, say, strawberries, and there are various bunches of strawberries within 1000 feet, can you find them all? I will add a corollary. Lets say you find the first batch. Then walk away so a second batch is now closer, do you get a sudden...
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    Amazon: A deeply discounted PHB heads towards the top 10 and overall rankings still really high

    Others also doing well without being quite so cheap: DMG 94 MM 110 XGtE 130 MToF 233 (in preorder)