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    Red Hand of Doom 4.0

    I'm doing something very similar. I'm running through the current H-series (currently midway through H2) and I plan using RHOD as my paragon module. Ideally, it'd take the PCs from around 11 to 20. I'm going to use the awesome stuff posted here and level it up a bit.
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    What Is Your Adventuring Groups Name?

    We use The All Powerful Demi-Gawds for our proper group name. There was the infamous One Shoe Crew, an Iron Heroes group that was wont to cut off the left foot of NPCs that didn't cooperate fully.
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    Frustrated Father: Reaper Vidor the Northman

    I like this mini. You did a fine job on the NMM! I bought him for a Cohort to my mage, though one leg is shorter than the other!! At battlemat distances, it's unnoticable.
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    Returning to painting [new stuff up!]

    Welcome back! What do you use for Varnish?
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    Pre-painted fantasy minis - do they exist?

    Do they make minis under the EM-4 brand or is that Crystal Caste? EM-4 minis come in pack of 4-5 and they are pre-painted metals. Not half bad and they come in themed packs. The themes are pretty off the wall though.
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    Photoing Minis

    Thanks! When I get some "spare" time, I'll get some of my minis up. They aren't Pogre or Nyrf quality, but they have seen some epic battles.
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    Is there a mini for.......(Thread)

    I was thinking that. There are a couple of lines that have some pretty fantastic elves.
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    Photoing Minis

    Is there a way for the website impaired to post pics IN a thread? I don't have my own website and I think I asked you before about this and I dropped off for a while. Thanks again!
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    Is there a mini for.......(Thread)

    Eladrin:Gaele(sp?) Does anyone know a mini I could use for a Ghaele in the MM 3.5? I've looked through most of the Confrontation catalog and found a few things that were close, but no cigar. I know that the DnD Plastics have one in Angelfire, but they are not suitable for PC use IMO. Thanks again!
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    Help, need modern mini's and some modern zombies.

    For Zombies, I use the bag o' Zombies from the Zombies game. Zombies!
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    Is there a mini for.......(Thread)

    That is cool! I am debating between that one and a "column of temptation" by Rackham. The Rackham mini is short on clothes and long on stone.
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    Help, need modern mini's and some modern zombies.

    The Foundry has blisters around eighteen dollars that come in a variety of modern folks.
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    Your favorite Mini Companies

    Iron Wind carries some classic DnD minis. They also have online ordering.
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    Is there a mini for.......(Thread)

    Well, the C.Column will be a bodyguard for my PC mage. I have seen them in action though, and I've always liked the idea. Are you willing to do some conversion to the weapon? I think Reaper has a pretty close mini in their warlord line that has a mace or somesuch.
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    My Miniatures Gallery

    The Ogrun is stunning!! How did you do the red? I've been lusting after that mini for quite some time! Do you use dullcote or some other method to give your minis that awesome matte finish? It really makes them look like they just stepped off of the battlefield. Thank you for posting!!