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    General How Was Your Last Session?

    Second session of a new campaign that's a mashup of Dragon Heist with the Deck of Many Things. The premise is that the fortune is the result of a draw from the Deck. To open the vault and claim the fortune you have to collect the scattered cards, reassemble the Deck, and draw at least one card...
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    General How Was Your Last Session?

    It sounds exhausting. Is it worth the extra effort?
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    5E Is the new setting Icewind Dale?

    I was definitely not expecting Icewind Dale. It wasn't on my mental checklist whatsoever. In retrospect it's obvious -- one of D&D's most iconic locations. If IWD is the setting for a mind flayer storyline, a crashed nautiloid frozen in the ice is a clear (and very cool) homage to THE THING...
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    UA Impression of the U/A Psi Knight in play

    Thanks for sharing this. Big difference between reading about a class and actually playing it!
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    General How Was Your Last Session?

    I own Dungeon World but have never played it. The more I read about how to play it, the more spun I get. So I'd love to read about your experience. Looking forward to Forge of Fury!
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    General How Was Your Last Session?

    We celebrated the 3rd anniversary of our campaign, currently at 87 sessions, with the player characters reaching 14th level. They earned enough XP from the last adventure that they're actually on the cusp of 15th level. It's the longest lasting campaign I've run by a significant margin. It was...
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    5E 5th Edition Modern or Near Future Rules

    Responding to the OP, there's a modern espionage game using 5E rules called The Spy Game which ran a successful kickstarter last year. You can still make a late pledge, I believe. I've only glanced at it but it looks interesting. It models automatic weapon fire and high explosives using the...
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    General How Was Your Last Session?

    Running a heavily, heavily modified version of Dragon of Icespire Peak for 5 D&D noobs. This was our 11th session. The characters are 4th level. This session had a lot of big reveals for the overall plot. It took place in the abandoned dwarven stronghold of Axeholm, which is now occupied by...
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    General Best "out of the box" ready to run adventures/modules?

    That's a thoughtful response and a fair observation. My approach as a DM typically is to take the spine of an adventure, rekey all the maps with my preferred monsters and villains, and create new story hooks and roleplaying opportunities. Icespire lends itself to that. So what others might see...
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    General Best "out of the box" ready to run adventures/modules?

    I am an apologist and defender of Dragon of Icespire Peak. Unlike Lost Mine, I think it has a plot that while very simple makes complete sense. I still don't know why Gundren is looking for the Lost Mine and why no one else can find it. Anyway...! I definitely agree that Icespire Peak is easy to...
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    General How Was Your Last Session?

    ...and I'm back. This time one of my players was kind enough to buy our group a session on Roll20 with a guest DM. Yes, I got to play! Everyone flipped the script. So the guy who plays the paladin had a wizard. The rogue played a sorcerer. The sorcerer played a barbarian. The bard played a...
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    Free League Announces Twilight: 2000 4th Edition

    I loved this game and the world was incredibly evocative. A great, grounded take on WW3. All the better for being set when the war had sputtered to a futile end. I'm hoping the new team sticks the landing.
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    General How Was Your Last Session?

    Hey, it's me again. Last night I had my first session DMing a new campaign with three players. This campaign is a modified version of Dragon Heist. One player is a veteran who is also in one of my campaigns where the characters just hit level 14. The second player has played about 10 times...
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    5E Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign recaps (2019)

    I believe I've read all your session recaps going back to the original Phandelver campaign, so I'd love to get more.
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    General Joe Manganiello's D&D Campaign Includes a Game of Thrones Creator & Vince Vaughn

    Manganiello is winning at life. That's it. That's the post.