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Recent content by Tonguez

  1. Tonguez

    Superman & Lois

    It was okay, and while the focus on the grown ups was refreshing it did have enough teenage angst to mark it as a CW offering. The whole family love v evil bank mortgage plot provides a good Hallmark drama context in which to extend the superman story, though I do hope the boys anxieties doesnt...
  2. Tonguez

    Spider man 3: What we know and speculation

    Its looking very much like Spiderman No Way Home is going to be a multiverse story with Dr Strange in the Iron-mentor role and a proto-Sinister 6 as the villain (Scorpian and Vulture, Electro, Dr Ock and ). -splitting time between actors -these spidermen have aged . could have a 50 + year old...
  3. Tonguez

    So, Wandavision?

    personally I think the audience is being played, and Agnes’ villain song was a red hearing generated by Wanda’s mind responding to Agatha confronting her - Wanda is deflecting blame for all the bad stuff on to Agnes...
  4. Tonguez

    So, Wandavision?

    My theory is coming together!! Agatha is the true Hero of Westview protecting the Nexus of All Realities from the madness of Wanda. Maybe the Book is just a key to the Nexus? The creepy vines in the basement dungeon are certainly a cool nod too
  5. Tonguez

    D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Mórrígan

    I came here to say this too, The Morrigan is what she should be even as a singular Phantom Queen tis a nice write up nonetheless and her turning to a flock of ravens is supported
  6. Tonguez

    So, Wandavision?

    Or the stone acted as a catalyst to unlock her X-gene
  7. Tonguez

    Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer

    After the previous attempts I wasnt too confident about another round of Mortal Kombat but "Kano wins" was a nice nod to the game and if they've managed to capture those little inconsequential easter eggs alongside the FX and competent Martial Arts action, I might just be entertained. It may not...
  8. Tonguez

    D&D 5E What if healing spells only created Temp HP?

    Yeah IMC magic only restores HP it doesnt mend wounds - so anyone who doesnt also get some First Aid skill will contiunue to bleed out or be infected or be dead from drowning.
  9. Tonguez

    So, Wandavision?

    there is his 'magic' though which could tie directly to Wanda's 'Hex powers' especially when iirc his magic powers were mainly energy manipulation and transferring his consciousness to other bodies(?)
  10. Tonguez

    So, Wandavision?

    is Von Doom an Aerospace Engineer? They could possibly put him through the Hex origin before creating F4
  11. Tonguez

    So, Wandavision?

    Its a nice idea and I could actually see CW The Flash doing it, but I dont think Marvel will :)
  12. Tonguez

    Level Up (A5E) What would you call a 'Warlord' class? (+)

    I’d rather the word War was kept out and just use Marshal. There are Marshals in racing sports and in Parades and in royal courts, such Marshals exist to Organise people and enforce rules. Combats one important approach
  13. Tonguez

    So, Wandavision?

    Jimmy Woo use to work for SHIELD, he’s got contacts - so when he came across a disappeared town, he calls his contacts and they contact SWORD due to potential interest. I still think Wanda is the cause and her not knowing it just points to her trauma. There may be others who got involved (eg...
  14. Tonguez

    Pirate, Why Do You Plunder?

    The Makassar people of Sulawesi were renowned sailors and fisherman but were labelled Pirates when they resisted the Dutch colonisers. most of the Pirate Captains in the Carribean were either Privateers or ex-navy whose commissions had lapsed leaving them stranded and penniless - their crews...