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    D&D General Here's That Official Dragonlance Novels Announcement, Featuring Classic Characters & An Old Logo!

    Would love some new comics. The Dragonlance and Starjammer comics were the best parts of the TSR/DC partnership. IMO.
  2. univoxs

    Dragon Reflections #38

    I feel as though the wargamming and rpg were more closely related back then. Many RPGs amounting to an elaborate war game. Some still are just that.
  3. univoxs

    D&D 3E/3.5 Help with some 3.5 resources

    We found the character sheet to be a bit clunky. pathguy has had a character generator forever. Easily googled. I am guessing the SRD has the section for creating your own spells from what ever dmg that came from. Or was it from unearthed arcana?
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    Pathfinder Beginner Box Review

    I would be interested in this just because of the solo adventure. Having to do a lot of that kind of thing these days.
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    EN World is 20 Years Old!

    I lurked here for many many years before ever posting. I am sure there are many still like I was that appreciate it even if they don't say so.
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    Worlds of Design: What the Future Holds for RPGs - Part 1

    For some reason I feel differently about what I like out of a video game than TTRPG and board games. I get board of single player games real quick but I get just about as board playing co-op games. When I play video games I want to engage competitively with others. I have noticed more of a...
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    2021 RPG and Gaming Resolutions?

    I like to read adventures just to get ideas but not long ones haha. I really enjoy reading the short ones from all the old magazines. Just for fun.
  8. univoxs

    2021 RPG and Gaming Resolutions?

    About to start Rangers of Shadow Deep in roll20. I find TTS really clunky.
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    Are You Burned Out?

    I wonder if session length has some place in the discussion. I play for only two and half hours on tuesday but 5 hours on sunday.
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    Are You Burned Out?

    After a year of GMing a Sandbox Homebrew in 3.5. Yes. I am done. But the game will end in one more level anyway. Just a few sessions away. The key to not getting burned out, for me, is to not shift my focus. I need to stay engaged with the theme and game system. If I start reading other game...
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    2021 RPG and Gaming Resolutions?

    Wargame more (some how) even if solo Stop biting off more than I can chew as a GM Stop playing the same character Stop buying games no one else I know wants to play Write more Learn how to PbP (Always wanted to, cant understand how it works) Peace, Love, and Understanding
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    2020: The Year That Wasn't

    My birthday was just passed and I intended to have a small group over for board games. Unfortunately I got covid (cleared back for work as of today). This knocked out my birthday, my SOs birthday and christmas. As a consolation prize we played Terraforming Mars on steam with friends. The Burrows...
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    2020: The Year That Wasn't

    While our hobbie found its way to thrive online, I feel for the brick and mortor and the Wargaming community. I think I bought more games this year than any other.
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    Dragon Reflections #36

    These old magazines make me what to go out and grab all these old titles. Mech War 2? Yes please.
  15. univoxs

    Gift Ideas for Players

    I am sure it is hard right now for these small shops making little trinkets, probably for makes of war game miniatures as well? I know I have not bought a single physical RPG item other than a few books.