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    Here's What's Available For Free RPG Day

    Man what a great line up. I want most of them! If I got one of these free I could justify reviewing one on my podcast rather than the little one page deals I usually do. So many games...too many games!
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    Alice is Missing is a 'Silent' Roleplaying Game

    I have been waiting to see invintive RPGs that use our constantly connected world. Something between play by post and VTTs. I don't think there is a dice roller built into android's or apple's messengers but that seems like its something that could easily be over come.
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    General Day Jobs For Adventurers

    I agree though, one dip into a 3rd level dungeon, by using the proposed wealth by level scale, the bard will never work another day singing in the streets.
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    General Day Jobs For Adventurers

    I always like the idea of my players having day jobs but, in later versions of D&D at least, the wealth gained from adventuring is so much more than the money gained from profession and craft checks that it makes doing those jobs seem somewhat pointless beyond the first couple levels. I would...
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    Worlds of Design: Worldbuilding 101 (Part 1)

    This happens especially because there was often no consideration for objective truth. A writer who did no like an individual ruler might describe that individual in a certain way, often giving them physical maladies that, in their mind, signify there are issues in their personality. A crooked...
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    5E What setting would you like for an adventure?

    If there were Dragonlance, I would consider playing 5e.
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    Worlds of Design: Worldbuilding 101 (Part 1)

    I like to have a fleshed out history, world map, religion and factions, in order to draw from, to answer questions like those above. I agree that you don't need those things to go adventuring.
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    PF2E Kingmaker Adventure Path's Cover Art

    I do like that very much.
  9. univoxs

    PF2E Kingmaker Adventure Path's Cover Art

    It is easily one of the more memorable APs. Is anyone going in on this who did in it PF1 and plan on doing it again? I am interested to know if people really want to do an AP twice.
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    5E The Last Edition of D&D?

    I apologize for causing so much rumination on the point. I agree that editions waste time as developers recreate Keep on the Borderlands for the millionth time. I don't think D&D needs rules added to it so it can do everything. Maybe that is good for WotC but I don't think it is good for the...
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    Use Scheming NPCs to Drive Conflict in Your Setting

    In my sandbox hexcrawl 3.5 I am running. The more they do the more reputation they gain, factions begin to take notice. Adventures they have gone through have consequences, things left undone, people they have crossed. Those things add up over time. In my grim low fantasy setting, nothing is...
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    Worlds of Design: Always Tell Me the Odds

    A trope I dislike in traditional TTRPG is that every foe is meant to be fought or else would not be placed before the characters. It is gerenally assumed by the party that every monster is somewhat appropriate for their current power level. Anyone with experiance in WoD games sees this a...
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    Cubicle 7 Previews WH40K's Cemetery Moon, Daedalon

    A necromunda book would be great.
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    5E The Last Edition of D&D?

    I disagree that "editions" are bad for the industry as a whole. Maybe for video games but not for TTRPG, though if Rockstar could put out a new GTA every year they would. I think change is good and taking risks is a healthy part of any industry. 4th edition was not a product I liked, and was...
  15. univoxs

    Studio Cerca Is An Anime-Themed RPG Company From Carbon 2185 Creator

    I bought Anima when it came out all those years ago, along with the GM screen and module. To this day it has never been used. It intimidated my group with its giant tables.