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    General Playing Nicely In The Sandbox

    I don't think I have ever read a gaming article that I have so thoroughly disagreed with more. Don't get me wrong, from the point of view of the originator of an IP sold to the public, I understand that motivation. But from a local table perspective it is almost entirely unrewarding, bordering...
  2. Variss

    Worlds of Design: The Case of the Accidental Artifact

    Games that you run/design are the rare instances where your control is absolute. The GM is not beholden entirely to the rule set because of narrative power. If you find that you've underestimated the impact of a given item/power/influence, unlike the real world, you have the ability to alter the...
  3. Variss

    When did you bait & switch and how did it go? (Spoilers)

    Not so much a bait-and-switch as a subversion of tropes. The heroes, doing heroic things, are being leveraged by the BBEG to undermine faith in the Gods. He wants them to win against the adversaries he pits them against. There were hints along the way, but it took until Tier III for them to...
  4. Variss

    UA 5E Psionics Alert! The Mystic Is Back In Unearthed Arcana

    And again, rather than come up with something interesting for the Powers/Talents/Disciplines, they stay with the fractional accounting nonsense of Psi Points. Yes, it's a staple of the old system, but we can do so much better now. Even theming it like an amplified warlock's incantations set...