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    TSR Darlene tells NuTSR NO!

    I think it's similar in other places too. My wife is a researcher in academia, and she has published articles under her maiden name, under her first marriage name, and now under her new marriage name. None of the previous published articles were updated to her new name.
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    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2022

    Forgot the links, sorry:
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    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2022

    Homeworld 2d20 from Modiphius.
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    Edge Announced It Will Be Making Star Wars RPGs....

    Probably a 5e compatible version like they are doing with L5R.
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    D&D General Solasta: Crown of the Magister Offers A Hidden Fifth Edition Computer Gem

    I have been having a blast with it. I wish it had more content, but it's a super nice DnD 5e implementation.
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    Check Out The One Ring 2E's Pre-Kickstarter Video!

    For the people who like MERP, there's a modern clone called "Against the Darkmaster" which is incredibly good. Just released too. About ToR 2e, very excited for this. I really liked the 1e, the material for the game was really good. And hopefully we will get the Moria book (box?) soon.
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    Gamer Milestones

    Printing 3D terrain is much cheaper than anything in the market. Last time I checked my openlock tiles were running at around 90c a tile (just the materials, not counting electricity). Let's round that to $1, I would be happy to be pointed to commercial tiles cheaper than that. I have no...
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    Gamer Milestones

    For terrain, FDM printers will give you very nice terrain at a fraction of the cost of buying that terrain. For minis, a resin printer will give you high quality minis at a fraction of a cost of a regular mini. In that list, the only thing that is true is that 3D printing is time-consuming.
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    News Digest for the Week of September 25

    Another vote for Birthright, would be great to see some high level political/domain stuff integrated officially in DnD.
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    D&D 5E Midnight: Legacy of Darkness announced at GenCon Online

    Just a minor detail: Edge is not a new studio, it has existed for a long time and has a long tradition of publishing/translating RPG materials in Europe.
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    'Tales from Xadia' Dragon Prince RPG Announced

    I'm so excited for this! I feel Cortex is a much better fit for the world and tone of the show than DnD. Really looking forward to the public playtest.
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    Enemy Within Part One: Enemy in Shadows - A Review

    I'm going to disagree here. I don't have any of the previous adventures, and actually I don't care about them. I joined WFRPG in 4e, and I want to know about this adventure by itself, not how it compares to old versions (that are pretty expensive to find on physical format...).
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    Modiphius To Produce Homeworld RPG

    All their other lines seem to have quite a few supplements and material (Conan, Star Trek, Mutant Chronicles...). Star Trek in particular has a ton of adventures between the adventure books and the living campaign adventures (which are awesome and free). Infinity is a little slower, but getting...
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    Modiphius To Produce Homeworld RPG

    One of my favorite games getting an RPG, good times! :)
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    Lone Wolf (Hero Lab) Lays Off Staff

    They should have never focused on making Realm Works online IMHO, and just do an fully offline software. Best wishes and hopes to everyone affected by the news today.