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  1. Vymair

    Looking for solo & 2-player tabletop recommendations

    2p - Look at Qwirkle. It's superficially similar to scrabble but based on sequences of shapes and colors, so vocabulary is eliminated as a factor. I had a similar experience of winning scrabble almost every game, but Qwirkle is much more competitive.
  2. Vymair

    5E [5e] Paladin Build help

    It's a fine build. Getting to 20 is considered the optimal play by most people but I personally find feats to be more fun. I'd consider Sentinel since it's just fun and also has the benefit of keeping the attacks on you with your high AC, damage reduction (due to Heavy Armor Mastery).
  3. Vymair

    Reopening Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

    I've always liked Githyanki, so that lore chapter was quite interesting for me.
  4. Vymair

    UA Unearthed Arcana Sorcerers: Favored Souls, Phoenix Sorcery, Sea Sorcery, & Stone Sorcery

    I really like the Sea Sorcerer, packed with good flavor and interesting but thematic special abilities.
  5. Vymair

    BG - RPG Crossover: How many Boardgames do you own?

    I currently own 55 board games. I played board games quite a bit through my early life but fell away from them about the time the modern board game market really emerged with Settlers. About 3 years ago, one of our new role playing game buddies reintroduced us to modern board games with...
  6. Vymair

    3E/3.5 4E/3E Combat Time Question...

    The biggest factor would probably be resolving iterative attacks and the impact of buffs on said attacks. Both players and monsters in 3e end up with a lot of attacks at higher level and once you start applying buffs and attack options to multiple attacks, they take longer to resolve.
  7. Vymair

    4E WoTC is increasing the amount of 4e info, but..

    This is about as early as they should be releasing information for the hype factor. We are a bad audience, most of us have a strong opinion already of buy or no-buy, so all we desire is the information now. You don't want to hype the product for very long before making it available to the...
  8. Vymair

    3E/3.5 Statistical Analysis of 3.5 Power-Attack: UNDERpowered?

    My own mathematical test with Power Attack support the main poster for full round attacks. As the others have pointed, Power Attack has always been a situational feat. Power Attack is still very useful because it is the Gatekeeper to Cleave, Great Cleave and Improved Sunder which are all...
  9. Vymair

    3E/3.5 Popular/Famous D&D/D20 HOMEBREW Fantasy Campaigns (Please Vote)

    Don't know if he has an actual website, but Sepulchrave's Wyre is famous all over the internet by now for the Paladin and the Succubus conundrum alone.... The complexity of the world and it rich diversity of religion, sects and planar interaction definitely makes it stand out in my mind. Old...
  10. Vymair

    The Land of the Covenant (Last update 1/31/03)

    After admiring the many well crafted story hours I have read here, I have decided to try my hand at one.... Gonna stick to background for the first few posts to set the stage, but the characters will take center stage soon enough...
  11. Vymair

    Characters from ForceUser's Vietnamese Story Hour

    As a player in this game, I thought I'd post my character (Han Vinh) here and encourage others in the campaign to do the same. Periodically, I will post higher levels of Vinh (should he survive) to show his growth path. Note: All starting characters in this game were 28-pt buy and human...
  12. Vymair

    Power Critical

    It's b). A hit is an instant threat...