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    5E Sorcerous Origin Bonus Spells

    What are your thoughts on giving all sorcerous origins bonus spells by level in the same way storm origin sorcerers get them? In other words, they gain two spells at sorcerer levels 3, 5, and 7; and one spell at level 9 that don’t count against spells known and are appropriate for their origin...
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    5E Ideas for mixed skill checks?

    Have you guys implemented mixed skill checks in your games? An example of one we use at our table is when a spellcaster wants to subtly cast something. For example, a cleric subtly casting command might make a WIS (Deception) check to see if he can hide the attempt from bystanders. I.e., WIS...
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    5E Great Weapon Ranger

    Understanding that great weapon rangers (e.g., a ranger with a greatsword or maul) aren't optimized, I was wondering what anybody's thoughts/experiences were playing them. Off the top of my head, I'm assuming I'd want to take the defense fighting style as well as go Hunter archetype.
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    5E Rules clarification query: Darkness (2nd lvl Spell) vs. Mantle of Flame (1st lvl Phoenix Sorcerer feature)

    Hi folks, I'm wondering how you guys would rule the following scenario. Imagine a PC is a lvl 1 Phoenix Sorcerer with the Mantle of Flame feature active and occupies a space impacted by the darkness spell. Is the overlapping area lit via MoF or dark via the spell? Feature and spell description...
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    5E Query for DMs: How do you get the most of characters' backstories?

    Hi folks! As the title suggests, I'd like to pick my fellow DMs brains to see what you all do to get the most out of player backstories. Said another way, do you do anything specific when reading backstories to inspire material for the campaign? Appreciate your insight/advice!
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    5E DM query: Any interesting differences between different party sizes?

    Hi folks! This post goes out to DM's who have ran games of a few different party sizes. I. Are there any interesting differences between running campaigns for smaller vs. larger parties? If so, what are they? What constitutes a small or large group? II. Do you have an ideal number of players...
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    5E A Treatise on Hiding

    Hi Folks, I realized the PHB had the rules on perception and stealth disastrously scattered throughout the book, and I thought it'd be useful to collect and edit them as if they belonged to a single section regarding hiding. Feedback is appreciated! Notes: I. I used...
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    5E Review request for Alchemy & Enchanting mechanic

    Hi folks! I know there are dozens (if not hundreds) of homebrew posts about alchemy and enchanting, but I wanted the community's review on the versions I'm introducing into a campaign I'll be running this weekend. Pardon any formatting lost during the paste, and I appreciate your review...
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    5E Tear-jerker moments in campaigns

    SHORT VERSION Were there any instances you had real, gut-wrenching emotions while playing D&D? What happened? What were some contributing factors to why you felt as strongly as you did? LONG VERSION One of the things I like about D&D (and similar games) is how much agency we the players get...
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    5E To what degree can targets sense Hex/Hunter's Mark?

    Hey folks! What are your experiences with PCs is trying to discreetly cast spells like Hex and Hunter's Mark? My group typically does DEX (Sleight of Hand) checks to determine whether or not the caster was subtle enough to not be detected, but I'm curious how other tables have ruled. Cheers!
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    5E What are your experiences playing paladins/rangers?

    I'm stoked to play a paladin or ranger someday, but I looove spellcasting and I'm concerned how I'll feel about their spell slot array. (Example: four 1st lvl spellslots and two 2nd lvl spellslots at level 5 sounds pretty limiting) As such, I'm wondering what your experiences are with these...
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    5E DM's, what's your experience with suggested Challenge Ratings?

    Hi folks. New DM here. The DMG has some info on how to configure an encounter by difficulty depending on the party size and party level, but I'm wondering what your experiences are following these parameters. Advice on what made for better/worse CR calculation is also welcome. Tangential...
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    5E Color thesaurus/reference!

    Hey y'all. New DM here. I like when DM's use vivid color words to describe shade/tone and found a site which organizes color words in a cool way. Hope it's useful to the community (I plan to have this up while running the game to quickly reference, hope it works out well)...
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    5E Combat 'minigame' mechanic query

    Hey folks! I'm a first-time DM prepping for his game early next month. I was considering adding the following mechanic to one of the encounters. Let me know if it sounds fun/gimmicky/tedious. Context/setup: the players meet a wiry, old soldier--Don Raul--in their travels who's looking for...
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    5E Warlock query, Advantage vs Hex

    Hi folks, I'm unclear which does more damage in the long run: a) Casting Agonizing Blast with Hex to do 1d6 extra damage per hit b) Casting Agonizing Blast with Darkness* to shoot each beam at advantage *I confirm my warlock has Devil's Sight I understand there's a mathematical way to...