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  1. William Ronald

    Rest in Peace, Edena of Neith

    I have some sad news for long time members of EN World, the Wizards of the Coast message board, and several other message boards. I have learned that Terry, better known online as Edena of Neith or Edelaith, is dead. This is the main body of what I sent one of the administrator’s at EN World on...
  2. William Ronald

    D&D 5E Reflections on 5E -- Hopeful but uncertain

    As a gamer for over 30 years, I have seen a lot of changes in my hobby. When I saw that WotC had rehired Monte Cook, I thought that a new edition might be announced in the relatively near future. I thought that it might come with the D&D Experience later this month, but it was a bit sooner. I...
  3. William Ronald

    D&D 1E My clever theory: why 1e AD&D is being reprinted

    I think that this is possible. Also, I think that releasing the books may help draw in some old gamers to WotC. I am not as sure as Piratecat that the new edition will adhere as closely to a 1E-2E-3E feel, but I think that he may have a point. Either way, releasing the old books is a win for...
  4. William Ronald

    D&D 4E WotC, DDI, 4E, and Hasbro: Some History

    I am not sure what all this means for WotC and a 5th Edition game. I could see a push to keep 4E as is and Hasbro decide to reevaluate it. Or I could see a company like Hasbro wanting to give a name brand a chance to become a major brand in their company. One thing that I am certain of is...
  5. William Ronald

    Administrator and moderator appreciation thread

    I would like to thank Pirate Cat and Plane Sailing for helping me to log in here again. My old PC crashed, and I had to get another. So, my saved settings would not work. Sorry for any confusion on my part. So, in the spirit of spreading good will, let me thank all the administrators and...
  6. William Ronald

    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 E, older D&D and Pathfinder. What do D&D vets think of pathfinder

    Currently, I am playing a wizard (diviner) in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play games at a local hobby shop. I am enjoying the system, and it does feel a lot like 3.5 but with a lot of interesting changes. I like the fact that there is a lot more variety to the classes, and that many...
  7. William Ronald


    I found some spam here -- http://www.enworld.org/forum/general-rpg-discussion/273584-5000-per-week-job-free-why-not-look.html#post5123472. Personally, I prefer the Monty Python variety.
  8. William Ronald

    D&D 1E 1e->3x->Pathfinder Bard Prestige Class

    I heard a few people refer to it as beserker with a banjo. The problem was, I believe, the hit points. Apparently, most everyone ADDED the 10d6 bard hit points instead of the way dual classing was done with humans back then.
  9. William Ronald


    I noticed that we have an active spammer tonight, called nikecon. I reported the post that I found, but it looks like the spam troll is busy. (Hmm, how many XPs is a spam troll worth? Is it edible? ;) )
  10. William Ronald

    D&D 4E 4E Halflings unrecognizable from Tolkien hobbits

    I tend to think of species that are fairly close to humans as having about as much diversity in appearance and culture as humans. There could easily be different types of halflings in different regions, with respective cultures. If you consider the diversity in human populations and cultures...
  11. William Ronald


    You might want to check this out FR "Drizzt" cover is a placeholder. The new picture will involve one of the Shade, a dragon and a fortress. I don't have a problem with Drizzt, and I understand the ranger two weapon style was introduced before Drizzt. (Aragorn does something like that with...
  12. William Ronald

    D&D 4E What third party products should be updated for 4E?

    While reading the boards, I thought of a few products that WotC has not printed that I have used with Third Edition. For example, I have run D&D 3/5/Arcana Evolved events at the Chicago EN World Gamedays. Here are a few of my nominations for products to update to 4E. Monte Cook's Arcana...
  13. William Ronald

    D&D 4E The 4E warlock -- love at first glimpse

    This is not as frightening as it seems, as it reminds me of travelling through road construction at rush hour in Chicago. ;) The warlock, as the fluff shows, does model the spellcaster who makes a pact with strange powers. So, the fluff at least has some legendary and literary precedent...
  14. William Ronald

    D&D 4E Slight Rant on 4E FR So Far and Where It May Go [SPOILERS]

    It is late, but as I recall from another thread SPOILER (Highlight for information.) Khelben Arunsun and Halaster killed each other. Khelben is at peace, so he is not coming back.
  15. William Ronald

    D&D 4E 4E Devils vs. Demons article

    Well, possibly there might be a major distinction between the devil lords and archfiends is that the archfiends want to rule over what exists, not necessarily destroy it. Some may fancy keeping some places looking exactly as they are now. Some demon lords and princes may want to rule,but to...