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    General "Hot" take: Aesthetically-pleasing rules are highly overvalued

    I wonder if....perhaps I still don’t understand. Is the Meta-aesthetic we are referring to self referencing aesthetic or post hoc rule creation that unintentionally or intentionally creates an implied rule? What I mean is...does the difference between weapon attack, melee weapon attack...
  2. Wiseblood

    General Unpopular Opinion?: D&D is a terrible venue for horror

    When I think of horror as a genre it is about trappings and tropes. D&D does this fine. When I think of horror as a feeling. That is created in the minds of the players. It is from the interplay between the people. To me there is a difference between terror and horror. Terror being an external...
  3. Wiseblood

    5E Bards have an identity problem!

    No, and problem isn’t necessarily the bard here. The problem might be the idea of a support character in 5e. All of the characters in 5e are so strong that support is redundant. The things bards used to do aren’t needed anymore. On average a first level fighter can hit any monster in the MM...
  4. Wiseblood

    WotC Does anyone remember the year that WotC Forums for D&D first went live?

    That sounds about right. IIRC it was after the release of 3e and for years edition wars raged.
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    Level Up (A5E) 3.99 Edition

    I would say 3e saves Are classic. AD&D saves are vintage.
  6. Wiseblood

    Level Up (A5E) What is the vision of the high level fighter?

    Give the mundanes strange power. I mean you don’t get.... Bitten by a werewolf Charmed by a succubus Breathed on by a dragon Diseased by a mummy Bled on by a demon Burned on by an ooze Swallowed by a worm Polymorphed by a wizard Healed by a cleric Paralyzed by a ghoul Sickened by a troglodyte...
  7. Wiseblood

    Level Up (A5E) What is the vision of the high level fighter?

    Magic needs a nerf...Or mundanes need a rather stupendous buff. Level 20 fighter should be like Doom Slayer dismembering fiends with his bare hands and healing from it.
  8. Wiseblood

    General Why DPR Sucks: Discussing Whiteroom Theorycrafting

    @MwaO In other, other words Derek Jeter was metagaming.
  9. Wiseblood

    General How early is too early for planar adventures?

    The types of entertainment they consume would be helpful. They may have no interest in planar stuff.
  10. Wiseblood

    General How Was Your Last Session?

    Very good session last Saturday. My three players made characters in record time. A crime themed D&D campaign. Set in Eberron played like Shadowrun/GTA V. Players had a blast. I did too.
  11. Wiseblood

    General A paladin just joined the group. I'm a necromancer.

    Step one: Wait and see. Your friend’s paladin might not have a problem with your stuff. If they do not have a problem you can stop here. If they do go to... Step two: One of you must relent (or repent) logically this should be you. Paladins are a zealous lot. Pushing at this point by you is...
  12. Wiseblood

    5E Can you help me stat up Sarevok from BG1?

    Sarevok is my favorite. It looks quite good. I would probably change the sword of chaos though. Sarevok is probably attacking 3 times a round. Making saves for each one feels like a bit too much upkeep for the damage/debuff it does.
  13. Wiseblood

    4E Presentation vs design... vs philosophy

    I have made two characters in PF 2. I found the process....awful. PF 2 in play is good. The character creation process is just not my cup of tea. I would rather a randomly generated character than go through that IRS audit again. FWIW I used a computer program to get it done if I had been asked...
  14. Wiseblood

    General Lamest D&D classes all time

    I hate to say it, but I think I am a Factotum. It’s not very glamorous. Fun fact: there are phobias of Beggars and Clowns but not one of Fighting-men.
  15. Wiseblood

    2E AD&D 2e - Player's Options ?

    We used them. I haven’t looked at them in years though. Maybe I will this weekend.