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    5E New D&D Next Playtest package is up (19/9/2013) [merged threads]

    Didn't find it in the news so I make this post to tell what the title says.
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    5E How would you like 5e to handle combat roles.

    There are three different ways I see. Each character class supports one combat role of the following: Defender, Striker, Controller, Leader Each character class is a striker with one secondary combat role among the following: Defender, Controller, Leader. Each character class has all combat...
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    4E WotC, DDI, 4E, and Hasbro: Some History

    Christ. That's a lot of money... I wonder if they would or could ever recover these with their current revenue of DDI subscriptions (of course DDI would have its operational and developmental costs still for what we know it is still in beta and aspires to grow in functionality).
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    4E WotC, DDI, 4E, and Hasbro: Some History

    How much does software teams cost (a usual normal-a usual high)? Are they paid by month?
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    4E WotC, DDI, 4E, and Hasbro: Some History

    Yeah, but one can see how these money were used to fuel the production pipeline. Books and audio CDs are tangible, as are their production methods and its costs. Still what we are talking about here is development of digital tools. Costs can vary so much. Is there some method to control the...
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    4E WotC, DDI, 4E, and Hasbro: Some History

    Could it be that the original company representative takes his share of whores and ale, especially if he can find a way to hide it and blame the money loss somewhere else? It is conspiracy-theorizing but are there any solid control mechanisms that something like this does not happen? I am...
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    4E WotC, DDI, 4E, and Hasbro: Some History

    I wonder where these money ended. Can someone that has experience with this kind of business present us with a plausible scenario?
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    4E WotC, DDI, 4E, and Hasbro: Some History

    What Ryan is describing seems a rather hopeless future for D&D. I do not know if it is actually true... but boy is it depressing. So, if I were Wotc here is what I would try to do: Publish 5e core as: 1 player's box product that costs 29$, deals with classes from level 1 to level 10, includes...
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    4E WotC, DDI, 4E, and Hasbro: Some History

    By what Ryan is saying it seems more difficult to see a 5e happen. If it does happen, it would rather mean that 4e's failure was not such a dramatic one.
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    4e is to Descent what Rolemaster is to classic D&D

    4e is to Descent what Rolemaster is to classic D&D. Agree/Disagree Discuss.
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    PF1E Publishers of D&D: from past to future. Paizo and Wotc.

    Gary Gygax stressed the need of a unified standard, so that the player base could grow in numbers. D&D's players would transcend from their houserules to the quality products of a publishing house. But in the age of internet and free online applications, is this still necessary and/or...
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    3.5e/Pathfinder fans tell me what you think about essentials

    3.5e/Pathfinder fans do you like essentials? If not why is that? Do you still prefer 3.5/Pathfinder? If so, why?
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    What levels would be PF/3.xe's paragon and epic tiers

    Based on arcane and divine spells/powers I guess.
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    Scott Thorne, a retailer, comments on recent events

    ICv2 - Rolling for Initiative--Oh, By the Way... It seems there have been going some abrupt changes of plans in the Wotc quarters.
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    PF1E Question for the Paizo folks regarding D&D's state of today

    Some time ago Erik Mona insinuated over here that the strong and healthy presence of the D&D brand in the market was fundamental for the well-being of the tabletop rpg industry. I am curious if Paizo retains the same opinion as of today. I am also curious what would they think for that matter...