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    D&D 5E Max HP?

    Have you boosted the player's hp? Or just given the monsters a little padding?
  2. Xeviat

    D&D 5E Max HP?

    Once more, this was a mythic, so two fights, with a very dynamic lair that denied a few turns around the way. It being about 3 rounds for each phase didn't feel "epic". The challenge was tuned right, the players were biting their nails and almost went down a couple of times (there was one real...
  3. Xeviat

    D&D 5E Max HP?

    Last longer so that more cool things can happen. I've been building my own monsters a lot, stealing 4E ideas in a lot of places, but only mythic monsters get to stay around long enough to do anything.
  4. Xeviat

    D&D 5E Max HP?

    To be clear, this is 7 rounds of a mythic, so 2 regular fights. This was basically 3ish rounds for each phase, with wasted turns because of positioning due to the setpiece.
  5. Xeviat

    D&D 5E Max HP?

    There were a quite a few boss fights where they took out the enemy much faster than expected, like in 1 to 1.5 rounds. They definitely changed the mood of what I was going for. Sometimes we focus 100% on player engagement, but we should remember that the DM is a player too and the DM needs to...
  6. Xeviat

    D&D 5E Max HP?

    It was the final fight of a 3 year campaign, against an aspect of a goddess, and it lasted 42 seconds game time. I had to build her an an over leveled mythic purposefully leaned on the defensive side so that she could survive long enough to feel threatening without being able to liquify everyone...
  7. Xeviat

    D&D 5E Dnd 5e, but everything is a “spell”

    Yes! Yes you could. The spell point system in the DMG, when divided by 3 for short rests per long rest, is kinda close to 2/level if you squint. Half casters can then be 1/level. Oh look, the monk is already 1/level. Adapting them to a power system was a project of mine before Level Up was...
  8. Xeviat

    D&D 5E Max HP?

    Hiya ENWorlders! After 15 years, I finally finished "Red Hand of Doom", converted to 5th Edition! The PCs ended up at 12th level for the final fight, and hit 13th afterwards. One thing I observed after running a game from 5th level all the way to 12th level was that fights are, truly, quick...
  9. Xeviat

    D&D General Which classes fill in this chart?

    See, here's my reasoning. If you take the spell point progression, divide by 3 for 2 short rests per 1 long rest, and slightly massage the numbers to make them smooth, it's close to a 2/level progression. The monk's 1 per level progression fits in as a half caster. The 4 elements monk's spell...
  10. Xeviat

    D&D General Which classes fill in this chart?

    Monk is the half-caster to the psion.
  11. Xeviat

    D&D 5E Let us "fix" Expertise!

    A "Fix" I suggested way back when was to have double proficiency replace ability score. This way, expertise can be used for being goof in a skill you're not naturally talented in. For O5E, advantage is a fine trade instead of double prof. It doesn't raise the ceiling. Level Up is handling...
  12. Xeviat

    Level Up (A5E) It's Here! It's Time To LEVEL UP Your 5E Game!

    I ran LU monsters in my O5E game for a while, and they were the more interesting and dynamic monsters of the campaign. The new Dragons especially have been amazing.
  13. Xeviat

    D&D 5E Why are non-caster Ranger themes so popular?

    Reverse smite. Retool Hunter's Mark. Bonus action to put it on. Gives you advantage to certain checks, maaaaaybe attack too? Gives you bonus damage on your next hit against the target. It expends after that. Higher level spell slots deal more damage, last longer, and can be cast on signs of the...
  14. Xeviat

    5.5E "The Future of D&D" (New Core Books in 2024!)

    Because not every legendary monster people might want to use has been redesigned as a mythic monster?