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    Advanced Fighting Fantasy in the Bundle of Holding!

    The Bundle of Holding is selling the electronic versions of: Advanced Fighting Fantasy bundle: https://bundleofholding.com/presents/2019AFF More Fighting Fantasy Bundle: https://bundleofholding.com/presents/MoreAFF for very low prices and 10% of each payment will be donated to the charity...
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    Blackmoor Living World (AFF2) downloads

    On this website http://www.chimerae.it/ you can find Blackmoor Living World publications. You can find the campaign guide http://www.chimerae.it/download/CHBLW0en.zip and the first adventure (The Shard of Anathema) http://www.chimerae.it/download/CHBLWN1en.zip The plan is to add a new adventure...
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    [Advanced Fighting Fantasy] Crooked King's Cup [new adventure]

    You can find this adventure just published on DriveThru: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/248305/Crooked-Kings-Cup?src=sub
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    Greg Svenson's Sweetwater Gazetteer - Free PDF!

    Here it is! :cool: http://blackmoor.mystara.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=8824
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    Greg Svenson's Williamsfort Gazetteer -Free PDF!

    I hope I'm posting this in the right section... Here http://blackmoor.mystara.net/forums/vie ... =22&t=8816 you can find an amateur mini-gazetteer of a Blackmoor Barony, written by one of the original players of Dave Arneson's group. Don't miss it!
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    [Play by post] Living Force: Cularin! (Star Wars Saga Edition)

    Today is the Force Day, MAY THE 4TH (BE WITH YOU), the perfect time of the year to launch this game! This game is made of multiple short adventures (typically for 4-6 characters, each of them designed to take approx 3-4 hours in real time play). Rather than a classic, linear campaign, it is a...
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    [Advanced Fighting Fantasy] The Floating Dungeon of Varrak Aslur

    The Floating Dungeon of Varrak Aslur is the latest AFF adventure set in the continent of Allansia. 'The town of Chalice is in danger from a very unexpected source: A Floating Dungeon! This new self-contained adventure for Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Ed sends the Heroes into this unusual...
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    WOIN Venetian book?

    Sounds great! :cool:
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    [Savage Worlds] Seven deadly dungeons

    https://heroengine.wordpress.com/2017/10/09/gold-glory/ Very interestig rendez-vous between OSR and Savage Worlds particular way of managing action!
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    Preparing for Dave Arneson Game Day October 1st 2017

    http://blackmoormystara.blogspot.mx/2017/09/preparing-for-dave-arneson-game-day.html October 1st is Dave Arneson's birthday and like always it keeps sneaking up on us! We haven't forgotten about it though, and expect lots of Blackmoor, Dave Arneson and D&D related material to appear in the...
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    Finally Fighting Fantazine #16 is out!!!

    This time the wait was particularly long, but finally... http://www.fightingfantazine.co.uk/page/ :cool:
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    [Advanced Fighting Fantasy] Titan Herbal Kickstarter

    Arion Games, publisher of Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG, is well-known for launching simple and straightforward KS campaigns, without many stretch targets or other frills. This time they did it again with the Titan Herbal https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2036759092/titan-herbal?ref=discovery...
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    [Savage Worlds][Ultima Forsan] Once upon a time in Lucca

    This introductory edventure for the Ultima Forsan "Reinassance with zombie post-apocalypse" setting (and a number of other freebies) is released in English: https://heroengine.wordpress.com/2017/0 ... #more-3146 I've been playing a number of Ultima Forsan adventures and I loved them!
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    [Savage Worlds] [Ultima Forsan] The Iron Crown just released!

    Finally it was released in English: https://heroengine.wordpress.com/2017/06/19/the-iron-crown-ultima-forsan/