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    Best use of Wish?

    One of my players wished that his character could never be captured, imprisoned, or held against his will. It was a very cool power that we had a lot of fun with in future games. It was basically a permanent get out of jail free card. But, of course, it didn't free other party members, didn't...
  2. Yenrak

    5E How Wotc can improve the adventure books.

    For my purposes, the published adventures have worked really well. I think the great innovation was the flow chart. It really helped. They should publish, at least online, indexes so you can look stuff up more easily. I tend to chop the adventures up and blend them with one another. The...
  3. Yenrak

    General Horror or Murder Mystery Set in a Noble Villa?

    It's still a bit vague, to be honest. What I'd like is to have a creepy, atmospheric adventure where the players have to figure out a mystery. And, in the end, the big reveal is Mass Sacrifice. Like Wickerman but on a much larger scale. One of the ideas I had was to make it a kind of double...
  4. Yenrak

    General Are you a DM?

    I've pretty much been a DM since I started playing. I had three younger brothers and a few friends who loved the game but really wanted to play characters so it fell to me to DM. I loved designing worlds and plots so it worked well. We had a long campaign based in Greyhawk from, say, 1986 to...
  5. Yenrak

    General Yenrakian Remix of the Alexandrian Remix: The Heist Before The Heists

    I suppose everyone knows about the Alexandrian Remix of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. If you don't, you can get the complete collection through his patreon or read it for free (cheapskate) in a couple dozen blog posts starting here. I liked the idea so much that I decided to take it a step further...
  6. Yenrak

    General Horror or Murder Mystery Set in a Noble Villa?

    I was hoping that maybe there would be a Ravenloft or even Call of Cthulu adventure that would fit.
  7. Yenrak

    General Horror or Murder Mystery Set in a Noble Villa?

    Castle Amber! Hmmm. I ran that 30 years ago. I'll definitely look into it.
  8. Yenrak

    General Horror or Murder Mystery Set in a Noble Villa?

    I'm looking for suggestions for published adventures with horror or mystery themes set in a mansion, castle, villa, etc. Basically, I think my group may wind up at the party thrown by the—SPOILER ALERT, WATERDEEP DRAGON HEIST—Cassalanters where 100 guests will be sacrificed to Asmodeus. If...
  9. Yenrak

    5E SKT's The Weevil: A Manhunt and a Mystery

    Thanks! Great ideas.
  10. Yenrak

    5E SKT's The Weevil: A Manhunt and a Mystery

    It's a fair point. I'm actually a bit relieved by these responses because I was afraid I had missed some larger significance. I really enjoy diversions and digressions—the group I'm DMing is doing Dragon Heist as a sidequest in SKT—so this is great. I love the idea of tying Weevil into the...
  11. Yenrak

    5E SKT's The Weevil: A Manhunt and a Mystery

    What is the point of the Weevil in Storm King's Thunder? Players can be told to hunt him down by two different groups in Bryn Shander or Darz Helga in Triboar. There's a wanted poster in Long Saddle. Presumably, they'd learn of him in Mirabar as well, since that city has posted a 5,000 gold...
  12. Yenrak

    5E Icewind Dale Preview: The Panopticon

    The "God Trap" in Greyhawk Castle—the prison where Zagig locked up nine demigods—was a kind of Panopticon. According to the tales, Robilar, with Riggby and his orc henchman Quij, freed Iuz. A very similar story is told in Temple of Elemental Evil, although in that version Robliar accidentally...
  13. Yenrak

    5E Icewind Dale Preview: The Panopticon

    Some additional information from the artist.
  14. Yenrak

    5E Guilds and Trollskull Manor

    I recall seeing a huge list of guilds that might visit Trollskull Manor looking for work and payouts. But I don't remember where. Might have even been in these forums but I can't track it down. Anyone recall?
  15. Yenrak

    5E Higher Level Dragon Heist

    Thanks. That's a really good point.