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    D&D 5E New WotC Survey! Learn About A New D&D Product!

    I got nothing. Just “thanks for taking the survey.”
  2. Yenrak

    D&D 5E Ray Winninger mentions third project!

    Elminster“s Guide to Dragons
  3. Yenrak

    D&D 5E Corrupted Avatar of Lurue

    I think that may be right. It’s an 8th level adventure and without the legendary action it seems underpowered.
  4. Yenrak

    D&D 5E Corrupted Avatar of Lurue

    The text on page 122 of Candlekeep Mysteries says that the corrupted avatar has legendary actions but the stat block does not list any. Am I missing something?
  5. Yenrak

    Dragon Reflections #40

    The pricing of these early Dragon magazines amazes me. In today's dollars, this is the equivalent of $9.58. So these were expensive magazines.
  6. Yenrak

    D&D General Should We Start Using a VTT?

    I think we would definitely be willing to pay if it would improve our games. Like a lot of folks, most of the grownups in my group (we’re an intergenerational gaming group) have unexpectedly accumulated savings because so many of the recreational things we used to spend our money on (sports...
  7. Yenrak

    D&D General Should We Start Using a VTT?

    I’ve been DMing a pretty large group for about two years now. The last year has been done over Zoom calls. Two of the players live with me so they are in the room but the other five play remotely. The Zoom call thing works okay and I can show battle maps by pointing my phone or tablet at the...
  8. Yenrak

    Dragon Reflections #38

    Same here. We had a lot of fun with it. I remember the hand-to-hand combat was complex and for some reason “rabbit punch” was always the best choice.
  9. Yenrak

    D&D 5E What is ARCADIA?

    Good points. I'm in. Just subscribed.
  10. Yenrak

    D&D 5E What is ARCADIA?

    I like Matt Coville. I’d love to hear some reviews of the mounted rules. I’ll buy it if they are any good but I’m hesitant to spend $7 risking disappointment. What are they? Is it just a bunch of weird mounts or does it add good, interesting mechanics?
  11. Yenrak

    EN World is 20 Years Old!

    Repeat message. Sorry
  12. Yenrak

    EN World is 20 Years Old!

    Congratulations and thank you for the work!
  13. Yenrak

    Best use of Wish?

    One of my players wished that his character could never be captured, imprisoned, or held against his will. It was a very cool power that we had a lot of fun with in future games. It was basically a permanent get out of jail free card. But, of course, it didn't free other party members, didn't...
  14. Yenrak

    D&D 5E How Wotc can improve the adventure books.

    For my purposes, the published adventures have worked really well. I think the great innovation was the flow chart. It really helped. They should publish, at least online, indexes so you can look stuff up more easily. I tend to chop the adventures up and blend them with one another. The...
  15. Yenrak

    D&D General Horror or Murder Mystery Set in a Noble Villa?

    It's still a bit vague, to be honest. What I'd like is to have a creepy, atmospheric adventure where the players have to figure out a mystery. And, in the end, the big reveal is Mass Sacrifice. Like Wickerman but on a much larger scale. One of the ideas I had was to make it a kind of double...