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Chill 3rd Edition Envoy Sheets and Adventure 1

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I was exstatic when I heard Chill was getting a 3rd edition, and it did not disappoint. The light/dark tokens do for Chill what cards and chips did for Deadlands!


Here's the official page:

You can purchase it at any of these locations:

Here's some custom character sheets and an adventure. The originals are great, but these work better for me. ALL OF THESE FILES WERE MADE FOR CHILL 3RD EDITION.
  • Chill - The Roaring 20's.pdf3.30 MB
  • "The Roaring 20's" includes:
    - 12 pregenerated characters (using the 2nd Ed Half-Sheet listed below) based off of the great Horror, Science Fiction, and Mystery authors of that era: Marjorie Bowen, Alfred McLelland Burrage, Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, William Fryer Harvey, William Hope Hodgeson, Montague Rhodes James, Gaston Leroux, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Daphne du Marier, Clarence Aaron Robbins, and Herbert George Wells
    - 1 blank character sheet for players who wish to create an author of their own
    - 4 Handout sheets, including an introduction letter, a response from headquarters, and a manuscript (explained next)
    - 1 adventure (contemplating writing more to add to this file)

    The Adventure:

    It is widely believed Edgar Allan Poe was murdered for political reasons - particularly not voting a particular way. Other theories include delirium tremens, heart disease, epilepsy, syphilis, meningeal inflammation, cholera, and rabies.
    Whatever the case may be: at 3am on October 3rd, 1849 Poe was found “in great distress and... in need of immediate assistance.” He was not wearing his own clothes - and on October 7th, 1849 he passed away at Washington Medical College. He was never lucid enough to explain the circumstances of his condition, but he had repeated the name “Reynolds” the night before his death. His last words were “Lord, help my poor soul.” All medical records have been lost, including his death certificate.
    While Poe was found and died in Baltimore where he typically lived, at the time of his death he was living in Richmond, Virginia; so he traveled a long way in the middle of the night to Baltimore because of this “Reynolds.” Was he looking for Reynolds? Running from him? Warning about him? Or was Reynolds a “her?” We will never know.
    When he died - however - he was working on an untitled piece which has since been given the name “The Light House.” It is less than four pages long and concerns a man who - through some difficulty - acquired a job at a lighthouse in Norway on New Years Day with his dog Neptune. While he revels in the solitude, he begins to hear whispers and noises, and grows concerned about the structural integrity of the lighthouse. Written in the form of a journal, it is interrupted with the last page ending on a heading for the fourth day, “Jan 4.”

    ...all this is true.

    The year is now 1924, and each of the authors has received a copy of a letter and a manuscript which reads the following:

    To my beloved authors;

    I wish I could open with how much of a fan I am of your works and what all I have read, but I fear there are more pressing things at hand. Please forgive my bluntness in this letter as I lack the grace you all possess. In short, I may have leads to an old case - I may know what happened to Edgar Allan Poe. By the time this letter is concluded, you will understand why I cannot take this to historians or authorities, and why I have sent this to several authors instead.

    I should explain: I am in such dire need of assistance, I sent this to twelve authors in hopes that would increase my chances for a response.

    Regarding the manuscript you possess: they are copies of the original (which remains in my possession). This is the piece on which Poe was working when he succumbed to some strange affliction. I purchased it at an estate auction (not Poe’s) and am unsure how the owner obtained it. However - this is where I may either lose your interest, or completely capture it - I am practiced in the art of psychometry. Upon first touching the manuscript, I was “gifted” images surrounding the real circumstances regarding the death of our beloved poet, and what I have seen frightens me too much to commit to paper as it will make it all too real. Please come visit me. My address is on the envelope.

    Your humble fan,

    [signed]E. Lightner
    Emily Lightner
  • Chill 2nd (Half-Sheet).pdf
  • In the style of Chill's 2nd edition, it takes the classic purple half-sheet and updates it to 3rd Edition.
  • Chill 2nd SAVE HQ.pd
  • 3rd Edition introduced the HQ sheet. This one fits the style of 2nd Edition.
  • Chill 2nd.pdf
  • This one takes the classic style 2nd Ed sheet, updates it to 3rd Edition, and gives you the benefit of more room with a full sheet available.
  • Chill 3e as DnD 5e.pdf
  • This started tongue-in-cheek, but wound up being a great tool to help 5th Edition D&D players transition to playing Chill 3rd Edition.
  • Chill Roswell (Half-Sheet).pdf
  • With the compactness of the half-sheet, this one gives a Roswell-File-esque feel with its occult-ish circular technical readout.
  • Chill Roswell File.pdf
  • As above, it has the Roswell-File-esque feel with its occult-ish circular technical readout, with the benefits of a full sheet.
  • Chill Roswell SAVE HQ.pdf
  • If you like the Roswell look, the SAVE HQ sheet completes it.
  • Chill Tech (Half-Sheet).pdf
  • 3rd Edition updated the game to modern day. The sheet needed to be updated to reflect that. This one has more of a modern, technical feel.
  • Chill Tech SAVE HQ.pdf
  • This HQ sheet matches the tech feel of the Character sheets.
  • Chill Tech.pdf
  • As the half-sheet with the benefits of the full.
  • NPC Roswell.pdf
  • NPC Sheets to match the Roswell theme.
  • NPC-Creature Quicksheet.pdf
  • NPC Sheets to match the 2nd Edition theme.
  • NPC-Creature Tech Quicksheet.pdf
  • NPC Sheets to match the Tech theme.
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    I was exstatic when I heard Chill was getting a 3rd edition, and it did not disappoint. The...
  2. Chill 3rd Edition Envoy Sheets and Adventure

    I was exstatic when I heard Chill was getting a 3rd edition, and it did not disappoint. The...
  3. Chill 3rd Edition Envoy Sheets and Adventure

    I was exstatic when I heard Chill was getting a 3rd edition, and it did not disappoint. The...