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DADS Character Sheet 3.3.1

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I recommend getting the latest from the www.dadsfunhobby.com site. I update this sheet periodically, which involves creating a new version. The only link to the latest version is on the DADSFunHobby site.

DADS (Dungeons And Dragons Spreadsheet) character sheet is built on Google Sheets. There is a Quick Start tab that you will want to utilize. There is a lot of functionality baked into the sheet, which is good, but as with most software with a lot of functionality, you'll need a little hand-holding to get the feel of it. The Quick Start is my attempt at providing that hand holding.

The link is to the Google Sheet which is read-only. Make a copy of the file by clicking, File -> Make a copy. Then you will have your own copy that you can do anything you want with.
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