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Encumberance Challenge Mode Armor Class 1

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it follows the The Basic rules of CMAC
attack rolls less than your EC, then the attack missesattack rolls greater than or equal to your EC and less than or equal to your AC, it is a hit, but it did not penetrate your armor, so the damage you take is reduced by your armor resistance.attack rolls greater than your AC, then the attack hits normally. Where it differentiates?
  • It follows similar rules to the variant encumbrance rules set, and is also intended to be played using variant encumbrance
Armor Classes (Light,Med,Heavy) dex caps, are now applied at various levels of encumbrance. As this system is still being playtested it would be preferred if these values could be adjusted within the settings menu, but as is..0-19% Dex Modifier Cap [NA]20-29% Dex Modifier Cap [6]30-39% Dex Modifier Cap [4]40-49% Dex Modifier Cap [3]50-59% Dex Modifier Cap [2]60-69% Dex Modifier Cap [0]What this rule set attempts to accomplish is buffing the usefulness of STR and walking around stuffed to the brim also hinders you in combat.What the rule set promotes is backpacks, players will want to drop, or stow their backpacks before entering combat if they are loot hoarders or crafters, and may consider things such as pack mules more heavily.
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