Libris Mortis 5e

Libris Mortis 5e 1.0

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This 133-page supplement converts undead content for both DMs and players from previous editions to D&D 5e.

List of Chapters:
  1. Bestiary: assorted monster stat blocks
  2. Creature Templates: modifications and additional features you can apply to existing monsters to make them varied
  3. Cults of Undeath: information about various necromantic cults and features they tend to have
  4. Undead Hall of Infamy: statistics for well-known undead in D&D history, such as Vecna himeslf
  5. Blackguard: a variant paladin class that draws its power from dark emotions (alternative to the Oathbreaker)
  6. Subclasses: assorted subclasses based on necromancy
  7. Items: magic and mundane items relating to necromancy
  8. Spells: assorted spells, most of which are... you guessed it, necromancy spells
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