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MERP to d20 Conversion 11-24-2020

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This "work" is not original, based mostly on source material from Middle Earth Roleplaying (I.C.E.) using d20 System rules (including Dungeons & Dragons 3rd/4th Edition), and serves as an extremely condensed set of house rules. The aim was to preserve the flavor of MERP using flexible skill development strapped onto a d20 chassis.

Latest changes:

7/18/15 Alterations (by section): Magic rules, Combat rules, Creature Rules, Background Options tables, and Weapon tables.

8/1/15 Alterations: Combat rules, Equipment tables.

8/23/15 Alterations: Equipment tables.

9/13/15 Alterations: Combat rules, Combat tables.

10/3/15 Alterations: Character creation, Combat rules, Combat tables.

11/21/15 Alterations: Combat rules, Creature Summary tables.

1/3/16 Alterations: Combat rules, Creature Rules, Background Options tables, Combat tables, Creature Summary tables, and Weapon tables.

7/15/17 Addition: Musings on Middle Earth an adventure template and special rules that can be added modularly. Alterations: General fine tuning.

8/26/17: Alterations: general fine tuning.

10/6/18: Alterations: Profession tables and general fine tuning.

2/23/19: Alterations: general fine tuning.

3/29/19: Alterations: general fine tuning.

7/7/19: Alterations: general fine tuning.

8/3/19: Alterations: combat rules, weapon tables
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Latest updates

  1. House Rules update

    Refresh and refinement.
  2. Updates

    House Rules and Character Sheet.
  3. Rules

    2 rules files updated