More Ships of the Sea

More Ships of the Sea 1

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I decided that a sailing-oriented campaign should have more ships available than just "sailing ship" and "keelboat but with no oars," so I made a document that introduces 5 new categories: caravel, cog, galleon, schooner, and sloop.

1. Feedback kindly requested! (Also, I kind of threw this together in a hurry, so if you notice any errors, please let me know.)

2. This is NOT meant to be historically accurate -- I read some stuff on Wikipedia, and set values relative to the existing ship statistics, even if those values don't match the historical record very well. For example, I'm under the impression that many cogs were shorter than 80 feet, and that most caravels had 2 or more masts, and the "cargo capacity" numbers are just totally made up. Also, "sloop" technically refers to a ship's sail pattern, and a small sailboat could really be a sloop, catboat, dinghy, gaffer, kvetch, yawn, etc., but I just went with "sloop" because it sounds nautical and won't cause information overload. (I'm considering changing this to "sailboat" though.)

Please take a look! Errr, I mean: Ahoy! Ships ho!
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Solid addition to the ships features in Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Only major improvement would be a bit of artwork, or some maps, but for a free fan generated product A+ on both effort and quality.