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MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools

MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools 1

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MPMB's Character Record Sheets are now temporarily available here on ENworld.
Use the orange Go to download link in the top right or

Pdf form MPMB's Character Record Sheet v12.999 (19 Dec 2017)
Excel MPMB's Spell Sheet Generator v8.6b (16 Dec 2016)
Pdf form MPMB's Complete Spell Sheets per Class (on Patreon)
Pdf form MPMB's Adventure Logsheet (on DMs Guild)
Please see Changelog.pdf for a list of (recent) changes.

Note that these files only contain the SRD materials, as anything more is a violation of copyright.

Become a subscriber to my Patreon if you want to support the continued development of this project and get access to the v13 betas!
Check out the /r/mpmb subreddit if you want to share content or create your own content for MPMB's Character Record Sheets.
Check out the MPMB discord server if you want to talk about MPMB's Character Record Sheets.

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This Excel is no longer supported!
Please use MPMB's Character Record Sheet instead, as its built-in spell sheet generator is much more comprehensive, has better graphics, and is fully integrated with the rest of your character sheet.

This D&D 5e Excel-based Spell Sheet Generator allows you to generate a Spell Sheet based on your selection of classes, level, known spells, etc.
Full support for:
  • Multiclassing (all official spellcasting classes and subclasses supported)
  • All Spells from PHB, Elemental Evil, and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
Change the lay-out:
  • With a different colour for every class, selected from 11 colours
  • Add a glossary
  • Add your own spells
  • Add your own (sub)class
  • Add other spellcasting options such as feats
Note: This Spell Sheet Generator only works with Excel 2013 or newer (xcel 2016 preferred) and doesn't work on mobile versions. It is offered as legacy support, but it is highly recommended to use the Character Record Sheet to produce spell sheets, as they are more user-friendly, support higher quality graphics, are form-fillable, and are editable on the fly.

Click here to find MPMB's Adventure Logsheet on the DMs Guild.

Looking for the original Printer Friendly version with the artwork of the Wizards of the Coast official character sheet (Click here for the preview)?.

Become a patron on the Patreon, and you will get the Character Record Sheet, Spell Sheets per Class, and Adventure Logsheet with the WotC design!

The forum thread
will stay active as a place to report issues with any of the files, discuss ideas for the sheets, or just to say something nice about the files. It is preferable if you use the forum and not the comment section in the downloads.

Please, before posting about an error, make sure you are using the latest version posted here, tried the FAQ/manual included in the sheets, and updated your Adobe Acrobat/Excel to see if that fixes the problem.

The Character Record Sheet and Spell Sheets per Class come with a FAQ inside, and the Excel Spell Sheet Generator has a comprehensive manual. Please use it to your advantage and look at the questions before contacting me with any issues.

If updating your software does not resolve your issue, there might well be something wrong with the sheet. Please contact me about the issue with the following information:
  • The version of the sheet you are using (version number and type such as “A4” or “Letter”);
  • The software you are using to view the sheet (including the software’s version number);
  • What you are doing when the error occurs (e.g. "Generating a Spell Sheet for a Tiefling Cleric level 12");
  • In case of the Character Record Sheet: the JavaScript error code that the sheet produces (if you don’t see an error code, make sure that showing JavaScript errors is enabled. You can do this by going to: Edit >> Preferences (Ctrl + K) >> JavaScript; and putting a checkmark in the box labelled “Show console on errors and messages”).

A big thanks to Javier Aumente for being the magnificent mind behind the design!
Please check out his collection of awesomely designed sheets for several different systems, in Spanish.
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